Young state trooper makes headlines for taking crying baby from moms arms so she can eat

October 10th, 2019

Moms usually need an extra set of hands, especially at mealtime. It always seems like the baby is hungry right when Mom is ready to take a second and snatch a bite of food for herself.

In fact, studies show that newborns have an amazing sense of smell and can detect what delectable dinner their moms are struggling to eat while cuddling them.

Of course, baby’s needs come first, but sometimes moms opt to shovel in whatever morsels they can grab as quickly as they can. A fistful of Goldfish crackers, a spoonful of oatmeal or a handful of grapes no matter how small can still fuel them forward.

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Then they can return their focus to their baby. Mom of three Tabatha Corbitt, 29, was attempting to enjoy dinner out at a Mexican restaurant in Munfordville, Ky., when her three-month-old baby Zerak began fussing.

His mood quickly spiraled out of control and the poor baby was so distraught that Tabatha stood up and began bouncing back and forth to try and console him while still eating “with one arm.”

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Across the Mexican restaurant happened to be a handful of Kentucky state troopers grabbing a quick bite to eat. One trooper, 27-year-old Officer Aaron Hampton, spied Tabatha’s plight. A first-time papa to a 15-month-old son, Trooper Hampton understands all too well how babies can accelerate from giggling to screaming in a matter of seconds.

So much to everyone’s surprise, this trooper stopped eating and strolled across the restaurant. He approached Tabatha, offering to help her out. He picked up Zerak and cradled him, allowing Tabatha time to finish her meal.

“God just put it in my heart to go over and help the mother.”

Tabatha couldn’t believe that a complete stranger, albeit a trooper, offered to help her out.

“It was absolutely heartwarming. He got up from the table filled with other troopers to devote his attention to my baby so I could eat!”

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Zerak’s grandma Karen Cox subtly snapped a photo of Trooper Hampton and the baby and uploaded it to Facebook. She dotted her post with heart emojois and captioned it “Shout out to this awesome gentleman.”

Karen couldn’t believe that Zerak instantly attached himself to the officer since he doesn’t usually warm up to strangers. The Kentucky State Police shared the photo to its Facebook page where thousands of people have “liked” the picture and praised the officer.

“You are indeed an officer and a gentleman!!”

Kristen Faith Hampton, Trooper Hampton’s wife, couldn’t help but chime in and praise her hubby on Facebook, too.

“He really is the best person I know and such a good dad to our one-year-old! I’m one proud wife! Thanks KSP for teaching your troopers!”

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New York Post Source: New York Post

A modest man, Trooper Hampton denied any credit and said, “All glory goes to God.”

“We had a fallen trooper, Eric Chrisman, who said ‘God first, family second, and everyone is family.’ We treat everyone like we want our family treated.”

What a wonderful gesture this kind trooper made toward Tabatha. It’s hard to accept help sometimes, but Tabatha most definitely was grateful for this helping hand. This is surely something she will never forget!

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Source: New York Post