Baby Max Is About To Lead The Family In A Workout. His Next Move Has Mom Cracking Up!


The family in the video below is sitting in the living room when suddenly baby Max walks into the room. He determines that it is exercise time, and the rest of the family needs to get ready for an intense workout. Standing in front of the family, Max then proceeds to lead them through a hilarious and adorable fitness routine.

As Max’s mother explains in the YouTube video’s description, the family has been letting Max “take the lead” for someĀ time now. In the evenings, they will sit around in the living room and mimic his movements. This has been a great way for Max to develop his leadership skills, and Max loves all the newfound attention he’s getting. He’s clearly being a great fitness instructor for the family as he spends time crafting up a unique routine by himself. Watch as the family follows along to Max’s every instruction. It’s sure to warm your heart!

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[Source: Olivia Allman]

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