Looks like he's walking in the snow, but he's actually creating a stunning masterpiece


If you have never heard of Simon Beck before, then it is time that you do.


Beck is a true visionary and artist. He is most-known for taking ordinary piles of snow and transforming them into astonishing masterpieces. The work that he does will leave you absolutely speechless.

Prior to creating each piece of “snow art,” Beck imagines what he wants to create in his head. Then, he makes it work on a much, much larger scale.


Beck’s artwork in particular requires a lot of patience, discipline, and mental stamina. This is because he creates his art by walking around in the snow on specially-designed snowshoes.

For this particular creation, Beck chose to work near the breathtaking Mont Blanc, the highest mountain the Alps. Specifically, he creates his art in Savoie Valley.


A single design takes hours to complete. It requires even more time to plan and map out!

The craziest part about Beck’s line of work is that the design could vanish in a matter of minutes after he’s finished.

But to Beck, it’s not about the preservation or longevity of his work. Instead, he’s much more passionate about creating geometric designs that look different depending on your position and perspective.


But not all of Beck’s work is complex. Sometimes, he prefers the simpler designs. Take this little snowflake as an example.

Occasionally, Beck will go all out. He will create very intricate designs and pay attention to every little detail. The design below left me absolutely awestruck.


We wish Beck’s artwork could last forever, but unfortunately, that is beyond our control.


Regardless, this does not stop Beck from pursuing his passions.


Each design is more stunning and gorgeous than the last.


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