She buys refrigerator shelf for $1, cleverly uses it to display her shiny jewelry


Jewelry is beautiful, and it’s the perfect compliment to any outfit or attire. But what do you do when you aren’t wearing jewelry? Where do you store it?



Well, there’s no reason why your gorgeous shiny pearls should be hidden out of the sight of others. Jewelry deserves to be put on display!

We have compiled a list of functional and aesthetically-pleasing ideas to help you store and display your jewelry at home.

Old Window Frame

An old window frame can be the perfect place to store jewelry. All you need to do is repurpose it a bit. Add some fabric boards for extra flair and design.

Step-by-step instructions can be found here.


Refrigerator Shelf Storage

A refrigerator shelf is ideal for earring storage. Paint the shelf to your liking, then hang it on a wall. Next, add your earrings to it. Sunglasses and necklaces can be hung at the very bottom.


Classy Cork board

Hang a cork board on the wall. Next, use T-pins to hang your jewelry from. This is a very practical storage solution, and all the supplies you need can be found at your local office supply store.


Tennis Racket Display

If you have a spare tennis racket lying around the house, you can use the strings on the racket as a neat jewelry display option.


Cutlery Tray Storage

Jewelry can get tangled easily, and we all know how much of a hassle untangling them is… so use a cutlery tray to ensure that your jewelry never gets tangled again.

A great tutorial can be found here.


Wire Hang

Using eye hooks and a picture wire, you can create a practical, minimalistic storage solution. This can be placed anywhere you’d like!


Glass Bottle Display

If you’re looking for a head-turning display, then use glass bottles to organize your jewelry. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can fit any style of jewelry.


Flea Market Tray

Use a flea market tray to store your jewelry. You can hardly tell it was repurposed!

Click here for a tutorial.


Rustic Ladder

A rustic ladder can be a perfectly unique jewelry display. Use chicken wire between the slats to create space to hang your earrings and necklaces.


Vintage Picture Frame

A vintage picture frame is a wonderful base for jewelry storage. Hang it on the wall, and add hooks and ribbons to keep all your accessories in one place.



Take the frame idea a little further and create a collage display. Vintage frames can be stripped and repainted.

Click here to learn more.



Clipboards are not just handy for holding paper, they can store jewelry as well. Hang a bunch of these in a pattern on the wall, and it will surely turn heads. Add fabric backing to the back to compliment the surrounding decór.


Dresser Drawer

Don’t toss an old unused dresser drawer. Instead, paint it and then mount it on the wall for a unique storage solution.


Chained Up

A chain is an edgy storage solution.


Bamboo Wall

Buy a bamboo place-mat and then hang it on the wall. The bamboo slots were meant for jewelry display and storage.


Hang It On Hardware

Burlap and kitchen hardware can be transformed into a handy board for jewelry storage.

Visit this site for more details.


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