Capybara is brought to a rescue sanctuary, falls in love with every animal on the farm


In life, we don’t often get to choose our family and yet for many of us they become one of the greatest gifts we get – just ask Cheesecake, the six-year-old Capybara.

Instead of being surrounded by animals of her own kind, Cheesecake has found her family in the gang at the Rocky Ridge Refuge in Arkansas.

Cheesecake is exceptionally friendly and has formed bonds with just about every animal she’s ever met.

When she was a baby, she arrived at the refuge for abused and neglected animals. Because she was so young, she needed constant care and so she lived inside the home of the sanctuary’s founder, Janice Wolf, alongside her pups.

“She played with the dogs and slept with the dogs,” said Wolf.

Source: The Dodo

“She would adopt them and she’d sleep with them and eat with them, and she’d discipline them too if they were naughty. She was a good foster mom, and she just did a great job,” she continued.

Cheesecake started to care for all of the new arrivals to the sanctuary, just as she had been cared for by the pups. She adored her new family and became like a mother to all of the rescue center’s animals.

She’s bonded with and adopted the ducklings …

… and the deer

… and the tortoise

… and the emus

… and the miniature horse

… and the older dogs who no longer needed a mother.

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Source: The Dodo

… and most recently, the chickens.

As time went on Wolf rescued a second capybara named Cobbler from someone who bought him from an exotic pet trader. Apparently, a child had ordered him online and flew him to New York City, only to realize that they weren’t legal in that state.

“They somehow found me, and I got sent this tiny little capybara,” said Wolf.

“Capybaras are social animals who live in large groups in the wild, so it’s good that she’s got another capybara.”

Cheesecake and Cobbler have been great friends ever since. However, this hasn’t lessened Cheesecake’s love for all of her brothers and sisters in the slightest.
“She’s so accepting of other animals,” Wolf said. “That’s how most of my animals are, but she’s just the epitome of that because she has just taken care of everyone.”

Visit the Rocky Ridge Refuge Facebook page here, and consider making a donation to their wonderful cause here.

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