Little boy says an emotional goodbye to his 17-year-old best friend – his pet dog


A grieving man pulls out his camera and starts to record the scene in front of him. He’s at a vet clinic after a tragic accident crippled his 17-year-old dog, BaoBao.

In the video, his young son sits cross-legged beside their dog and struggles to understand why they have to say goodbye. The father does his best to explain that if they wait, BaoBao will be in too much pain. It may be hard for them to let her go, but they love BaoBao too much to let her suffer.

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The accident happened quickly and without warning. Earlier that day, the father decided to take his scooter out to buy lunch. BaoBao hopped into her usual place next to him. At an intersection, he had already slowed to a walking speed when she fell off the scooter.

“There was only one other vehicle anywhere near me,” the father wrote later in his video’s description. “Its rear tire went over BaoBao’s back crippling her and smashing her pelvis. She would have needed extensive surgery and with no guarantee of being able to walk ever again.”

It was unusual for BaoBao to simply fall off the way she did. Over the years, they’d clocked in over 200,000 km on a scooter together and even returned from a 1500 km tour a couple of days ago. Up until that tragic moment, there’d been nothing to indicate anything was wrong.

“She had just had an amazingly fun week and with her hearing, sight, bladder control all already diminished greatly, I thought it best to not put her through the pain of surgeries and physical therapy,” the father wrote. “Over the next year or two she would have aged/worsened a lot. So I made the call to put her down while she was still ‘herself’ and not in too much pain.”

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Saying goodbye to a beloved and faithful pet is incredibly hard. For BaoBao’s humans, it’s the last gift they’ll ever be able to give her.

“She’ll go to sleep,” he gently says to his son in the video. “She’ll wake up with heavenly Father and that’s a good time to go.” He goes on to explain that if they wait, she’ll be in pain and eventually, she will lose her vision and hearing too. When that happens, “she’ll be afraid,” he says, “but now she’s not afraid.”

Source: YouTube Screenshot

The son is upset, but by the end of the video, he seems to finally understand it’s time to let her go. He adds, “But I’ll miss her.”

“I’ll miss her too,” the father replies.

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