How To Use Acupressure Points To Relieve Stress And Pain
I never knew this! Did you?
Patricia Lynn

Growing up, I always thought the only type of medicine out there was modern Western medicine. I didn’t question my parents any time they took me to the hospital if I was feeling sick, and I always listened to what my doctor told me to do. Sometimes, however, it seemed like my doctor would just prescribe me a bunch of pills. Nowadays, I’ve become a whole lot more knowledgeable about alternate practices of medicine that can be just as effective without the risk of harsh side effects.

Have you ever heard of the practice of acupressure before? Acupressure is an alternative medicine technique derived from acupuncture that involves applying physical pressure to certain locations on the body in order to promote healthy body functions. Today, we’ll be learning about one particular acupressure point — the LV 3, which is located on the metatarsal bones in your foot. The LV 3 acupressure point is known to be a very potent area to boost health. Here are a couple benefits your body can experience from applying pressure to the LV 3 point.

Stress relief

Modern Reflexology states that the LV 3 point that decrease levels of stress and increase concentration and focus. It can also relieve fatigue in some cases!


Instead of taking painkiller pills, try applying pressure to your LV 3 point instead. WebMD states that the LV 3 point can be a great source to relieve pain because of the point’s connection to your lower back. It’s also known to help with headaches!


WebMD also states that studies have shown that frequent interaction with the LV 3 point have been correlated with a decrease in depression and anxiety. Researchers believe it’s because the LV 3 point helps with stress and insomnia, which are some of root causes of depression.

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