Turmeric Has Incredible Health Benefits That Most Of Us Never Knew About
Turmeric has numerous health benefits!
Jenny Brown

Turmeric, a common herb that many of us have in our kitchen cabinets, is the world’s #1 healing herb, as proven by over 6000 clinical studies. I had no idea this common household item had so many incredible health benefits!

Dr. Josh Axe explains the herb’s value and powers in the video below. Dr. Axe states that it’s important to incorporate turmeric in your diet. Turmeric is a natural spice that has been over 5,000 years by all different cultures for its healing powers. That’s because it contains an anti-inflammatory compound called curcumin.

What exactly does turmeric do? To start, turmeric is known to relive pain, help balance blood sugars, clean your arteries, support detoxification, and improve skin. Turmeric has a great effect on the body than more than 20 different medications!

In order to truly maximize the powers of turmeric, it’s important to incorporate it into your daily diet. Dr. Axe suggests that you sneak turmeric into your food and drinks. For instance, use it on the chicken your cooking or sprinkle some into a salad.

While some of you may be skeptical of it’s effects, a few YouTubers have chimed in with their own experience.

One states,

“I have suffered Heart Failure for many years, and using Turmeric as a food additive has helped me regain my health, especially my Heart.”

While another says,

“Your video reaffirmed me of the benefits c Turmeric offers. I make a mixture of powder ginger with Turmeric + powder cinnamon. I also use Elder Flower hot water ( I boil elder flower with cinnamon sticks in a one gallon of water and refrigerate it). My husband has been drinking one cup in the am and one at night; since August 11/15. He was diagnosed with a chronic bronchial disease. He had constant coughing with phlegms and trouble breathing, this past June. I am still amazed of the results. My husband of 51 years and I sleep much better. The cough and other symptoms related to the diagnoses has taken a trip to another land. For the last two weeks he has only taken one cup of the tea in the morning with one teaspoon of the dry mixture, honey and a drop of lemon juice. Thank you for your recommendations.”

Whether or not you believe it, it doesn’t hurt to try.

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[Source: Dr. Josh Axe]