Sunflower christmas trees are the cheeriest decor

October 25th, 2019

Sunflower Christmas trees. Have you seen them yet? It is just the thing you didn’t know you needed this holiday season. They are bright and cheery and add some much-needed warmth to the middle of a cold December. But with this new trend, you can keep your home cozy and beautiful with sunflowers all year long!

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People are decorating their Christmas trees with sunflowers.

It is a new trend that you will see popping up, but it could not be more beautiful. At Christmas, you normally see trees decorated with colored or white lights and a wide variety of decorations. Some people go the more traditional route with a real Christmas tree decorated with all white light and red and gold ornaments and ribbon.

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At another person’s home, you might find an artificial tree decorated with rainbow lights and unique children’s ornaments. Some families even have the tradition of each child getting a new Christmas ornament every year. But now people are starting to break out of the mold and decorate their trees with even more unique finds. This new decor find is sunflower blooms stuck between the branches.

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It is unexpected, but it brings an amount of warmth to the holidays that we sometimes miss. Many of the sunflower trees are also decorated with gold ribbon and ornaments along with white lights to add an extra amount of glow.

Sunflowers are usually easy to find.

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You can check your local craft store that usually has a stock of artificial flowers. Depending on the time of year, you can find sometimes find sunflowers at dollar stores. The blooms are typically attached to an individual stem and can be stuck directly between the branches of the tree.

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They are usually inexpensive and many stores have a wide variety of sizes to choose from. You could also use real blooms for a more authentic look. You can even find a larger bloom and rest it at the top of the tree for a beautiful and extravagant tree topper. You can also find gorgeous ribbons and tree skirts to add some extra texture and sparkle to the tree.

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You can use the sunflowers flowers all year long.

If you decide to go with the artificial blooms, you can use them over and over again during the Christmas seasons or you could keep them out and decorate your home for all seasons. Sunflowers are a great addition to any Summer or Fall decor and can be blended in with any other beautiful setting to make your home more cozy and festive.

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We are loving this new trend and support those who are thinking outside the traditional box to give their homes a little more cheer and glam for the Christmas season. So whether it is the middle of December and you are getting ready to put up your tree, or it’s the beginning of summer and you just can’t pass up the blooms, sunflowers have you covered.

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