Student Burned His College With Two Words On Twitter, And Is Now A Social Media Celebrity

April 7th, 2017

Some Say The Angels Cried When He Typed Those Two Words

No one will ever deny that passing college is difficult. It’s paying for college that makes it tougher than the Water Temple from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

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Recently, a college student is getting some online street cred for roasting his college on just that matter. James Onuigbo, 21, from Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts, had an interaction with his college’s online Twitter account that’s gone viral.

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Each April, Bridgewater’s “Springfest” takes over. It’s the college’s annual spring festival that includes a large comedy show. Sometimes they secure a big name, mainstream comic to headline while also buffering out the show with smaller, local talent. Onuigbo decided to offer his services to Bridgewater, and they gave him an audition.

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When asked to tell a joke, James told a joke. In fact, it may have been the biggest college joke of all.

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Twitter, as you’d expect, reacted the way they tend to do.

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In a perfect twist of fate, James has been contacted about performing not only at the school, but at other local comedy spots throughout the area. Legendary.

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