Rodeo wrangler challenges cop when K-9 dog comes out of nowhere

July 16th, 2021

Rodeo clowns are one of the best parts of going to these action-packed bull-riding events. They provide comic relief and they’re pretty good at what they do. They are passionate about keeping the crowds entertained, just like Rodeo clown JJ Harrison.

One night, JJ Harrison delivered a performance that left everyone in laughter.

He stole a police car! Read that again. That’s right, he stole a freaking cop car!

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The performance started with Harrison feeling proud.

He was showing off how he managed to steal a police car and get away with it.

He was even telling the crowd how he did it.

You know, like how criminals do with their gang.

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When he checked which police it was assigned to, he realized that it was Sergeant Brad O’Neil.

It was the same policeman he met a few days ago and the encounter wasn’t pleasant.

He embarrassed the man by making him dance in the rodeo.

Now, how many people can boast that they’ve done that to a cop?

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Harrison knew that he messed up though.

Picking on the same man twice means he’s going to face a really angry man.

And you don’t mess with the law.

As a solution, he hired Franz and made him the head of his security details.

Franz was supposed to be the best in what he does so he came prepared.

Wearing a thick suit, he also brought a barrel with him.

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Just then, the police officer arrived.

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Harrison was still taunting him.

He was telling the police officer that he won’t be able to do anything because Franz was there.

He was quite proud of his head of security and was hiding behind him most of the time.

To Harrison’s shock, a police dog came to the sergeant’s rescue!

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He quickly ran towards Franz and took him down with one bite to the arm.

The dog was so fast and strong that Franz wasn’t able to do anything to hide or protect himself.

He was on the floor in a blink of an eye.

Harrison had to get inside the barrel to keep himself safe.

It was a good thing that Sergeant O’Neil made the dog stop after a few seconds.

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Despite everything being a part of Harrison’s performance, it was still entertaining to watch.

In fact, it felt real at the beginning.

The crowd had a good laugh that night. They got what they paid for that’s for sure.

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JJ Harrison pours everything he has into his craft and it shows.

He shared:

“My job is not to be the show, you got to be like salt. A little bit of you and you make it better, too much of you and they’re going to have to throw it out.”

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Wise words. He’s really given his craft a lot of thought.

Unlike other entertainers who want the spotlight all to themselves, Harrison understands balance.

There has to be harmony between each act.

Harrison used to be a middle school teacher.

After realizing his true calling, he transitioned from being a teacher to an entertainer.

“What set in with me was when my act that I was trying to do would fall apart, I would just ad lib and that’s where I just realized that this is my forte. Ad lib comedy is better for me, make it relevant to the crowd, I’ve had a lot of success with that.”- he said.

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JJ Harrison/Facebook Source: JJ Harrison/Facebook

Harrison has been performing for some time now and he’s enjoying it. He’s quite good at what he does, too.

He’s earned the reputation of being one of the best entertainers in pro rodeo. It’s a life that he wouldn’t trade for anything else.

“The call of rodeo is constant, it’s such a great sport and way of life that it drew me back in,” -Harrison said.

The man chose to pursue his passion. He knew what he really was in his heart so he set out on that road.

Take a lesson from this man. If you feel like there’s more for you out there, go for it.

If there’s a hobby that you can no longer enjoy because of your 9-5 then you’d better start thinking.

Watch the entire rodeo act in the video below.

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Source: YouTube, Montana Sports