Man shows groceries he bought for $100: “It’s getting to the point where people can’t live.”
The video went viral, and viewers empathized with his struggle.
Jenny Brown

Ever been at the grocery store, hear the total, and think, “No way, this can’t be right?”

Yeah, same here.

I mean, we’re not talking caviar and champagne. This is basic stuff—milk, bread, eggs. The essentials, you know?

Pexel- PixaBay
Pexel- PixaBay

So, what gives?

Why does it feel like we have to pick between keeping a roof over our heads and eating decently?

It’s not just a ‘you and me’ thing; it’s everyone.

And forget about cutting out the small treats; we’re down to scrimping on the must-haves.

That’s where Carenstino comes in.

This guy on TikTok was like, “Enough is enough.”

TikTok - carenstino
TikTok - carenstino

He took out his phone, hit the record button, and showed us what a hundred-dollar bill gets you these days.

And let me tell you, it’s not a lot.

“I’m practically shaking from disbelief,” he said.

Can you blame him?

“It has gotten to the point that people can’t live,” he said.

TikTok - carenstino
TikTok - carenstino

He laid out his groceries on his kitchen island, and it was kinda sad.

It barely covered the surface.

“You’re telling me this is $100? This isn’t even barely anything to feed me for a couple of days,” he said.

You could almost hear his heart sinking.

So, what did his hundred bucks get him?

A small pack of chicken, a dozen eggs, some rice, a couple of juice bottles, body wash, deodorant, English muffins, some stationery, and a few energy drinks.

“Excuse me? $100 for this?” he said, and you could tell he was floored.

You might think he shopped at some fancy store, but come on.

Even if you do a quick mental tally at your regular grocery store, there’s no way it adds up to this much.

TikTok - carenstino
TikTok - carenstino

It’s like the world’s playing some sick joke on us.

And the internet had a lot to say, too.

TikTok - carenstino
TikTok - carenstino

People on TikTok were just as shocked.

“I used to make family dinner for $40 six years ago. The same exact dinner now costs $90,” one person said.

Another added, “Grocery prices have become absurdly high.”

And get this, someone even said, “We’ve literally hit the point where it’s now cheaper to eat out.”

TikTok - carenstino
TikTok - carenstino

Is there any hope?

Well, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says grocery prices went up by 5.8% this May compared to last year.

But, and it’s a big but, there’s a glimmer of hope.

Some new stats suggest prices might be stabilizing.

So, fingers crossed, eh?

For now, though, brace yourselves.

Next time you’re at the checkout, you might wanna take a deep breath. It’s gonna be a wild ride.

Click the video below to see what $100 got him.

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