If you consider yourself a devoted Old Navy customer, chances are you already possess a few tricks up your sleeve to save some cash.

But there’s more.

Whether it’s being aware of the optimal shopping day, employing clever hacks to snag coupons, or deciphering their price tag system, these insider secrets of Old Navy will revolutionize your shopping experience.

So read and embrace the art of money-saving.

Shop on a Monday or Tuesday

Old Navy

A few years ago, a woman experienced disappointment while browsing Old Navy’s clearance section on the weekend.

Seeking a solution, she spontaneously asked an employee about the store’s clearance markdown schedule.

Surprisingly, the employee openly shared that Mondays or Tuesdays were the ideal days to find markdowns, as they were typically completed by Monday evening.

Armed with this insider knowledge, the woman started visiting on those weekdays, resulting in numerous fantastic clearance deals over the years.