If you mix water and baking and soak your feet in it, here's the incredible effect
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Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, has a multitude of uses. It’s most commonly kept in the kitchen pantry for baking purposes or in the refrigerator to stop kitchen odors. But baking soda can do whole lot more than that—it can literally do everything. Baking soda serves as a household cleaner, bath soak, hair revitalizer, breath freshener, deodorizer, degreaser, and so much more. Here are the highlights of what that box of baking soda you probably have sitting in your cupboard can do for your health and beauty regimen.


Baking soda immediately neutralizes stomach acid. Mix one or two teaspoons with a full glass of water, and relief from heartburn is only a drink away.

Razor Burn

To alleviate razor burn, mix a tablespoon of baking soda into one cup of water. Use a cotton ball to apply the mixture to the affected area, and leave it on for five minutes. You can use this remedy up to two or three times daily.

Gout and Kidney Stones

Baking soda works to prevent kidney stones and gout by lowering levels of uric acid in the blood. It also fights against metabolic effects of kidney disease, or acidosis.

Tooth Care

Baking soda makes an effective, natural tooth whitener at a fraction of the cost of drugstore whitening kits or products. Mash one ripe strawberry into a paste with half a teaspoon of baking soda. Apply the paste to your teeth, and let it do its work for five minutes. Follow with your regular tooth-brushing routine, and rinse your mouth thoroughly. Don’t use this procedure more than twice a week, though—it has the potential to damage tooth enamel if done too often.

Acne Treatment

Baking soda mixes into a fast-acting acne treatment you can use to treat flare-ups. It works as a drying agent to remove blemishes and treat surface-level pimples. Mix baking soda with water to form a paste, then apply it to the affected area.


Ulcer Pain

Baking soda’s alkaline nature makes it a natural neutralizer for stomach, heartburn, and gas pain. For temporary relief, stir a teaspoon of baking soda into a glass of warm water. However, keep in mind that this is a stopgap solution. Talk with your doctor to make a treatment plan that’s more appropriate if you experience ongoing stomach pain.

Foot Soak

Mix three tablespoons of baking soda with water to make a relaxing and invigorating foot soak. Be sure to gently massage your feet in the water for the best results.


Many modern consumers take issue with standard deodorants because of their additives, such as aluminum and parabens. Baking soda offers an all-natural option for staying odor-free. Just combine a bit of baking soda with water until the texture becomes pasty. If you’re fond of scented deodorants, add up to 10 drops of an essential oil of your choice for fragrance. Then use a brush to spread the mixture beneath your arms. (Surprisingly, this isn’t a messy process.)

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to break out the familiar orange and red baking soda box that go way beyond cookie recipes. Best of all, a lot of these uses for baking soda end up saving you money—with more savings the more often you swap baking soda for your usualjust because baking soda is so affordable compared to many health and beauty products. What do you have to lose? Try a few of these DIY tricks to find out what baking soda can do for your health and beauty routine.

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