See if you can pass this exercise instructor quiz
Exercise instructors have to know a lot more than I thought!
Jenà Lowe

Exercise instructors make it look so easy. If you have a passion for fitness and can do 50 jumping jacks without passing out, you just go get certified right?

Well, this quiz might change your mind about just how much your exercise instructor needs to learn before stepping in front of a class.

With the knowledge you currently have, see if you could teach an exercise class with these 10 beginner instructor questions.

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Can you pass this exercise instructor quiz?

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Another way to say "flexed foot" is

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If a client is lying "supine" it means they are

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The femur is located in

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"Isometric muscle movement" means the muscle:

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Your humerus is located in your:

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Which term means "moving towards the center?"

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Which means "pointing the foot or hand?"

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In exercise terms, which is the most "superficial" body part?

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What does the word mean?


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What does the word mean?


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By Jenà Lowe
Jenà Lowe is a contributor at SBLY Media.