Internet Cheers Driver Who Refused To Bring Drunk Girl Home

February 22nd, 2019

Tro’juan Henderson has long been a poet and advocate for domestic violence and sexual assault victims. The young man performs live events and teaches poetry workshops across several cities in Texas. Because his schedule is constantly shifting, he started driving for Lyft, hoping the job would provide him with flexibility.

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Since starting with Lyft, Henderson has driven hundreds of passengers, often encountering interesting scenarios along the way.

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Henderson chronicles these moments on his TalesFromTheLyft Twitter and Facebook pages, much to the delight of his followers and fans. But last April, when Henderson posted a statement regarding rape culture, he never anticipated the internet’s response.

In a video, Henderson describes receiving a request to pick up a customer. But when he got there, the female passenger was extremely drunk.

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The woman’s two female friends gave Henderson the drunk girl’s keys and apartment number and asked if he could get her home safely.

In the video, he recalls:

“Two women brought their friend out to the car. Their friend was highly intoxicated, out of it, drunk. She couldn’t even walk by herself.”

“They ordered a Lyft and said, ‘Hey, here’s her key and apartment number. Could you make sure she gets home safely?'”

Much to the women’s surprise, Henderson immediately refused.

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While the man wanted the woman to get home safe and would never hurt her, he didn’t approve of the dangerous situation the woman’s friends were putting her in. Someone else could have easily taken advantage of the scenario and done the woman harm.

“I do think, as a friend, that’s putting your friend in the possibility of great danger,” he said.

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Henderson goes on to explain that he also has to protect himself. Who knows— the woman may have had a traumatic experience and waking up with a strange man could trigger her.

Henderson asked the woman’s friends if they’d be willing to ride with her on the way home, an offer that was refused.

Henderson even said he’d bring the women back to the hotel for free, but they could not be swayed. In the end, Henderson told them another Lyft driver may be able to fulfill their request, but he would not be driving them alone. In the video, Henderson goes on to say: “One, I think we should live in a world to where men can hold themselves accountable and not touch women, not sexually harass women, not rape women…”

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In the video, Henderson encourages viewers to take safety precautions when going out— especially if alcohol is involved.

People often don’t make the best decisions while drinking, so stay together, keep an eye on each other, and always have a back-up plan.

Watch the video below!

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Source: New York Post