Owner turns on an electric toothbrush, gets quite the response from the cat

July 15th, 2017

This guy may have bought an electric toothbrush for himself, but he’s about to learn that someone else is going to claim it as their own.

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As it turns out, his cat is crazy about his electric toothbrush! You have to see his reaction when it’s turned on.

This little guy is in pure ecstasy when he hears the buzzing sound of the electric toothbrush. Watch how he jumps up from his makeshift bed in the sink at the first sound of it.

Speaking of this little guy’s sink-bed, I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this cat has gotten creative with adapting bathroom basics to his own luxurious needs!

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Plus, it’s no secret that cats love a good scratch, but this just might be the most creative way we’ve seen an itch be satisfied.

And man, does this cat look happy!


While this ginger cutie did hit his teeth every now and again, it seems that there wasn’t a spot that wasn’t scratched with the vibrating brush head. Every spot seems like a good spot, except for his ears. He didn’t seem to enjoy that as much as say his cheeks and the top of his head.

One thing is clear though, and that’s that this is one happy cat!

This electric toothbrush has gone from being a human dental tool to the hottest thing in cat pampering in a matter of seconds. We really can’t blame his owner for letting this happen. I mean, look at how cute this little guy is!

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You’re going to want to share this with all of your cat-loving friends. They’ll definitely get some extra points with their fur babies if this compels them to invest in a cat massagers…er, we mean electric toothbrush!

We all know that our cats can be demanding and very opinionated at times (like this cat who hated their owner’s shoes so much that they threw a tantrum until they were taken off), and that is exactly the case with this guy.

You have to see what this cat’s reaction is when his owner turns the toothbrush off and the kitty spa comes to an end.

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You’ll have to watch to see his dramatic reaction. You’re not going to believe what he does!

We just hope that this cat’s owner decided to get a new toothbrush after this amusing discovery!

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