Cat Throws Temper Tantrum Over Owner's Tennis Shoes

July 13th, 2017

Cats are graceful and majestic creatures, but not all of them are always a shining vision of grace.

Sometimes, cats only have fleeting moments of elegance. If you’re a cat lover, you have probably met a cat who has made you question why the Egyptians worshiped them at one point in history – but I say that with all the love for those kooky cats out there.

Like for this one particular kooky cat seen in the video below.

This vocal calico cat is named Misha. In a short 49-second recording, Misha is upset.

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At first, it seems questionable what has Misha so upset. Is it the carpet? Is she hungry? Does she not like the bright pink of her human’s shoes?

All reasonable guesses, based on the context, but the real reason why Misha is upset is actually hilarious.

Misha the cat is throwing a temper tantrum because her owner is wearing shoes, and Misha likes to be pet with feet.

You can even see Misha try and take out her sworn enemy the shoe because she wants her mom’s soft feet instead (I’d give that solid hit a 10/10).

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Her mom knows her cat’s unique preference all too well.

“Watch this ya’ll,” Misha’s owner says before she proceeds to remove her shoe and call Misha back.

Misha’s mood changes almost immediately. No longer is she meowing and whining – instead, she’s a picture perfect cat who calmly lets her mom pet her.

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What a hilarious transformation – Misha is such a drama queen. Throwing such a big fit for something that was so simple. Apparently, she wants people to leave their shoes at the door!

Many viewers of the viral video also enjoyed seeing Misha’s silly “hissy fit”:

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swiggle1 dot pattern2 screen-shot-2017-07-11-at-3-34-47-pm
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Yup, from what this video shows us, clearly Misha runs the household. It’s her world and we’re just living in it.

What a little boss indeed.

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