Cat disappears for 3 days and then comes home with a ‘receipt’

February 22nd, 2021

It’s sad for someone to lose their pet out of nowhere. Imagine the worries and anxieties you’ll get trying to find where your pet has gone to even for a second. This person felt the same way after her cat suddenly went missing.

The cat’s owner was probably trying to search every nook and cranny, but unfortunately, she wasn’t able to find her cat. But then, the cat miraculously came back home to his owner with a piece of paper attached to him.

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While his owner is worrying, the cat was having the time of his life.

The cat was off on his own great adventure, and who knew that he’d come across every cat’s dream – a fish shop. The cat was entranced by the abundance of mackerel displayed at the stall, and it was enough to get him to stray away from home. The fish store owner knew that the only way to persuade the kitty to go home was to give him some mackerel.

When the cat was fed and happy, the stall owner, who simply called herself Aunty May, wrote a note to attach around the cat’s neck for the owner to see. Maybe then they would be able to figure out why their cat had disappeared for three days straight, but didn’t seem to be any skinnier looking than the day he left.

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With a sigh of relief, the cat’s owner read the note attached to her cat.

The note read: “Your cat kept eyeing mackerels at my stall, so I gave her three.” It was addressed, “Aunty May from alley no.3.”

The owner found it hilarious, but at the same time, she was pretty relieved that her cat was safe and sound. She decided to share the whole thing online, and her post on Facebook then became viral with more than a thousand reactions and over 300 shares. The community shared its love and laughs with her cat, and they were delighted that all seems to end well for them. Thanks to Aunty May and her mackerels, the cat was able to go home safe and with a full stomach.

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One of the pages that shared the story was called ช้างเผือก, and their post created quite a stir with users far and wide.

Captioned, “3 days gone and came back with debts. Isn’t that beautiful?” the post features three hilarious pictures of the runaway cat, complete with Aunty May’s handwritten note.

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People took their comments to share their love for the greedy kitty, with one person saying:

“Would love to follow his daily routine. LOL.”

Another added:

“Mom pays. I will go back soon. Aunty’s fish is very delicious.”

Nevertheless, this might just be a misconception as Aunty May never asked for payment from them. Although, it is funny to think that a cat has accumulated debt after being gone missing for three days.

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Source: ช้างเผือก