Barbra Streisand and Michael Buble Sing "It Had To Be You"

December 25th, 2018

Music is a beautiful art that can bring us all together. It even brought a couple of our favorite musical artists together with a duet.

Barbra Streisand and Michael Buble created something magical.

Michael Buble has become quite popular thanks to his Christmas albums. He is pretty well known and has produced plenty of hits.

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Barbra Streisand via YouTube Source: Barbra Streisand via YouTube

Barbra Streisand has obviously had a successful career as well. She has a long list of awards under her belt with seventy albums. That’s a lot of vinyl!

These two artists are extremely talented. They share some similarities, but they definitely have their own strengths.

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Barbra Streisand via YouTube Source: Barbra Streisand via YouTube

An Invite That Couldn’t be Ignored

What happens when Buble and Streisand come together, though? Well, it’s something very special.

For a while now, singing with Streisand has been on Buble’s bucket list. He’s always wanted to have the opportunity to perform with this fellow star.

His dreams came true when Streisand invited him to sing with her. Specifically, Streisand requested they sing “It Had to Be You.”

This was a big moment for Buble, and he probably didn’t see it coming. The rest of the world might not have either. As excited as Buble was, he was also extremely anxious. He was worried about making things awkward or just messing it up in general.

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Barbra Streisand via YouTube Source: Barbra Streisand via YouTube

Where the Dream Started

From the time that Buble was a child, he has been idolizing Streisand. For him, it felt like there was a lot on the line. He was trying to take it easy but was feeling pretty overwhelmed. This was a big deal for both of the singers.

Streisand and Buble’s first introduction started with a little joke from Buble. He said,

“This is the cheapest recording session I’ve ever had…because you’re paying for it!”

This was Buble’s attempt at relaxing himself and trying to get the nerves to go away. Streisand understood where he was coming from.

Next, Streisand tried to make him more comfortable. How were they going to record if he was distracted and nervous?

Eventually, the pair was ready to create this amazing duet, and they got to work. What came next was better than anyone could have imagined for these two superstars.

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Barbra Streisand via YouTube Source: Barbra Streisand via YouTube

The Perfect Choice

Streisand explained some of her ideas behind the song by saying,

“Michael is a big band singer. So I thought, why not start it as a ballad and then have the big band take over… You can just tell by his attitude, his voice, his freedom, his sense of self.”

They began recording with the orchestra in the background. According to Streisand, this is how she has always recorded. The live music certainly helped Michael feel more relaxed because he’s used to the big band style of music.

Streisand believes that live instruments are important for high-quality music. It also makes things more fun and gets her into the groove. She feels inspired.

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Barbra Streisand via YouTube Source: Barbra Streisand via YouTube

It Had To Be You

Streisand mentioned that she wasn’t sure that this would turn out well. She had to work with Buble’s strengths as well as her own. This was a challenge, but it’s easy to say that Streisand handled these fears well. The song that resulted in these two stars meeting up is simply incredible.

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Barbra Streisand via YouTube Source: Barbra Streisand via YouTube

Listeners were surprised by how much Streisand still sounds like herself after all these years. Buble described Streisand’s ability to tell a story in her song.

This duo worked well together and blew everyone away. Maybe they will come together again in the future to create another duet.

See the magic below.

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