15 Amazing Uses For Listerine

February 26th, 2018

We have all heard of the popular mouthwash brand, Listerine. This product is popular for giving its users fresh breath, and some variations of the product also fight gingivitis and whiten teeth. But the light blue liquid does so much more than only improve the health of your mouth. Here are 15 fantastic life hacks that are made possible by Listerine.

1. Stop Toenail Fungus

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Kill that nasty fungus by soaking your feet in a bath of Listerine. Mix a little with warm water, and soak for 20 minutes. Your fungus should clear up in no time.

2. Clean The Toilet

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This substance sanitizes and deodorizes your toilet. Pour a little in, brush it around the bowl, and flush.

3. Cure The Itch

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Believe it or not, Listerine can clear up an itch fast. Whether you suffer from a bug bite or poison ivy, dab some on a cotton ball and apply it to the affected area.

4. Back-Up Deodorant

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If you ran out of deodorant, don’t worry. You’re not out of luck just yet. Rub a little Listerine on your armpit to stop the smell.

5. No More Dandruff

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Massage the product onto your scalp and wrap a towel around your head. After a few minutes, rinse it out and say goodbye to your dandruff.

6. Flea-Free Pets

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Flea sprays can be expensive, but this cheap alternative works great. Mix Listerine with water or doggie shampoo, then give your dog a bath just like usual.

7. Facial Cleanser

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Listerine has powerful antiseptic properties, so it is a great product to use for fighting acne.

8. Toothbrush Cleaner

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If you trust it to clean your mouth, you should trust it to clean your toothbrush. We may not think about it, but toothbrushes need to be cleaned regularly, too.

9. Screen Cleaner

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Just a little spray of this product will clean your screen flawlessly. Since your phone is one of the surfaces you touch most, it is a good idea to clean the screen as often as possible.

10. De-Odorize Your Trash

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If your trash smells intolerable, soak some Listerine into a paper towel and throw it away. The smell will overpower that yucky trash smell.

11. Stop Lice

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If you have lice, there’s no reason to panic. You can stop the spread without using expensive products. Soak your hair in Listerine, then let it sit in a shower cap for a couple hours. Then wash your hair, and you’re good to go.

12. Remove Ticks

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No one wants to be stuck with a tick. If you find one, simply place a paper towel that has been soaked in Listerine on the surface of the skin. It should let go after just a few seconds.

13. Heal Bruises

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Don’t worry, that bruise won’t be there forever. To help it heal faster, soak a cotton ball in Listerine and hold it on the bruise. This will encourage more blood to flow, and soon that bruise will be gone.

14. Protect Blisters

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A blister is no fun, but an infected one is a lot worse. Dab Listerine onto the surface to prevent the blister from becoming infected.

15. Soothe Toothaches

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If your tooth hurts, dabbing Listerine in the area will help to numb it.

Listerine makes everything easier. Take advantage of the common household product by trying out some of these handy life hacks.

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