Women planning to abort babies contact couple after 'we will adopt' post
Little did they know they'd become overwhelmed when they were flooded with messages from expectant mothers.
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Abortion is a touchy subject for everyone but no matter what side of the abortion debate you stand on, this story will make you think.

“We will adopt your baby”

The recent pro-abortion legislation, the New York “Reproductive Health Act” sparked a nationwide debate and prompted one couple to publically call for women to give up their babies for adoption instead of choosing abortion. Moreover, one couple offered to adopt their babies and shared their contact information in a Facebook post.

Sarah Marie Thomas
Sarah Marie Thomas

Blake and Sarah Thomas are from Virginia and they have a biological son who is 6-months-old and a 2-year-old boy who was adopted. The couple said they’ve been ‘overwhelmed’ by the response their post received.

According to Sarah, the newly-adopted legislation motivated them to take action. She said that abortion is not the only option.

“We wanted to put a face to adoption and help women realize there is another great option available to them.”

Another couple’s message on Facebook served as an inspiration for Blake and Sarah. Four years ago, Kevin and Nicole Cook attracted attention on social media with their post. They also promised to adopt babies of people considering abortion.

“God has given us a love for orphans and we are willing to open our home and our hearts to as many children as God sees fit to give us!” Sarah said.

The couple’s message received overwhelming response

Sarah’s and Blake’s action attracted widespread attention. The couple posted an update in which they explained they are no longer receiving messages. The women who contacted them were ‘referred to Pregnancy Resource centers or adoption agencies.’

“We have been completely overwhelmed by what God has done over the past week! Dozens of expectant mother’s contacted us many of whom were contemplating or planning abortions. Many of those mothers are now considering parenting their babies and others are actively pursuing adoption.”

Sarah said passage of scripture inspired them to save the lives of unborn babies.

“Our hope and prayer was to save the life of a baby who may never know the joy of being born, and the Lord has answered that prayer! Our prayer is that Christian’s would come together to support and love these mother’s instead of making them feel shamed or guilted for considering abortion,” Sarah said.

A new hope

We don’t have to agree with the couple’s stance on abortion but their action has made a difference. Instead of turning to abortion as the only option, more women will consider adoption. It also gives the mothers a consolation of knowing their babies will grow up surrounded by a loving family.

Abortion will always spark a raging debate because it’s one of those fundamental issues dealing with life and personal freedom. It’s time we focus on the things which unite us and make an effort to understand those who disagree with us. In that way, we will leave a better world for our children.

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Source: The Western Journal
Source: Sarah Marie Thomas