Woman felt her husband was distant so she tested his loyalty

September 23rd, 2020

Relationships are beautiful, but they can also be very hard. After all, we’ve probably all had our fair share of relationship issues, and some people like to share some of their stories on the internet. The following story is one of them.

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A woman felt that there was a certain distance between herself and her husband and immediately assumed the worst.

However, sometimes can definitely take a hilarious turn, and she certainly didn’t expect what would happen next.

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For a little while now, this woman really had the idea that things weren’t going too smoothly in her marriage. She believed that her husband didn’t really love her anymore, and suspected that he might be cheating around and looking for someone else. He was being fairly distant and sometimes rude, and he didn’t really remind her of the man she married once.

One day, she had enough of it and decided to test his loyalty and love towards her.

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She actually wanted to know just how her husband would react if she had left the house.

Her plan finally came to fruition and she left a note in the bedroom. The note said that she was absolutely tired of her husband, and wanted to get out of the house as soon as possible.

Of course, she also realized that it was a pretty petty and childish act, but she really couldn’t help herself and needed to know how her husband would react. After all, she was worried about their relationship and could always say that it was just a prank.

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She put the letter on a table in the bedroom, crawled underneath the bed, and just waited until her husband returned home from work.

What she was really hoping for, is that her husband would react really, really upset. Now that she crawled under the bed, the waiting game could begin.

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Finally, the husband came back home, and he eventually found the letter as well.

It was silent for a couple of seconds, but then he picked up a pen of his own and decided to add some of his own words to the note.

Suddenly, it wasn’t silent anymore. The husband was acting all happy and energetic and even started whistling and dancing.

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This was anything but the reaction that his wife had hoped. She was shocked and hurt but couldn’t say anything, obviously.

Then things took a turn for the worse.

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The husband was busy on his phone for a bit and seemed to make a phone call. She could hear everything from underneath the bed.

“Hey sweetie,” the husband said over the phone. “I’m gonna get changed and I’ll see you in a bit. As for the wife, she finally figured out that was cheating and it looks like she left. I never should’ve married her! You’re the one I want to be with and I wish we had met each other a lot sooner. Anyhow, see you in a few minutes!”

The husband got off the phone and left the room.

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When the wife heard the car moving out of the garage, she got out of her hiding spot to see what her husband had written in the letter.

She was completely heartbroken in tears, but then she read what her husband wrote.

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“You should hide better next time, I could see your feet underneath the bed, stupid. I’m going out to get milk.”

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