Gymnast stands center-stage. Steals the show when Michael Jackson song plays
In order to win the competition, Katelyn only needed to score a 9.6 or higher and from the first step of her routine makes the audience and her teammates goes crazy with excitement.
Dani Halteman

Watching gymnasts perform can be some of the most magical and thrilling experiences. We watch as these performers who have trained for years leave it all on the mat with hopes of scoring the perfect 10. Training morning and night developing their craft through endless blood, sweat, and tears all for a moment of time that lasts less than 10 minutes. They have all eyes on them for just this moment and just one mistake can make or break their whole routine. One mistake and the years of training can seem almost pointless. But these gymnasts understand the consequences and what is at stake. It is about taking that chance that what if those years of training are all worth it and they hit every movement flawlessly which leads them to score the perfect 10. For one gymnast she has almost perfected this and her name is Katelyn Michelle Ohashi.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Ohashi started her gymnastics career shortly after learning how to take her first steps.

Katelyn was born in Seattle, Washington, and started her training in gymnastics at the young age of 3. She was only 12 years old when she debuted her talent on the floor in 2009 when she attended the Junior Olympic National Championships and placed first on floor exercise. This was only the beginning of her championship titles. As she grew up she eventually became an American artistic gymnast and competed for the University of California. One of her most recognized performances that has since gone viral is the floor routine she performed to a medley of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and “The Way You Make Me Feel”. This routine was intense for not only Katelyn but her team and everyone in the crowd since the announcers let her know that since she had achieved several perfect scores of 10 she only needed to achieve a score of 9.6 or higher if she wanted to win.

As she begins we see her team supporting her every step from the sidelines.

As the cameras change angles we get a glimpse of her fellow gymnasts and see her teammates behind her following every movement of her dance floor routine. Standing on the sidelines with high excitement and nerves for Katelyn to achieve a score of 9.6 or higher.

Maintaining perfect form in an attempt to achieve the perfect 10.

She makes sure to show her perfect form to the judges as she flips into a standing position on her tiptoes pointing out towards the crowd.

Teammates perform from the sidelines hitting each and every dance move with her from start to finish.

As she moves throughout the floor we get to see her teammates behind her continue to follow her every step with smiles that get bigger and bigger by the second as Katelyn nails every movement of her routine.

The look of determination before the last tumbling pass.

Katelyn takes a moment to gaze at the floor before she makes her last tumbling pass. She takes a few breaths here and refocuses then takes off for her last tumbling pass.

What a flipping finish!

After she hits every flip she finishes with a flip into a split that drops to the floor!

She goes through every movement flawlessly and with ease…almost making it look easy!

Just then she falls to her final pose and we can see her teammates in the back going absolutely wild with excitement knowing she just accomplished what she came here to do.

If one person wins the whole team wins.

As she walks towards her team they run towards her with incredible enthusiasm congratulating their teammate at hitting every movement of her floor routine with perfection.

Standing ovation!

The crowd goes completely wild for her and saluting her epic performance with a much-deserved standing ovation. As the whole stadium continues to cheer, she receives a score of 9.95 out of 10 for her sassy floor routine tieing her for first place in the competition.

This would be one of many of her achievements in gymnastics as she went on from this to become a six-time All-American and four-time member of the USA Gymnastics Junior National Team. Going on then to become the 2011 Junior National Champion and then in 2013 the winner of the American Cup. More recently she was trending globally for her perfect 10 score at the Collegiate Challenge in January of 2019. You could say she has definitely perfected the art of her gymnastics training and knowing how to leave it all on the floor in order to receive that perfect magical 10 score.

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