Willie Nelson saved 70 horses from slaughterhouse, let’s them roam free on his ranch in Texas
"My horses are probably the luckiest in the world."
Isabelle Voor

Willie Nelson is 86-years-old…but he is not slowing down anytime soon!

In addition to his several books and 30+ movies, the man is still touring! He is usually on the road to accommodate his touring schedule, but when he isn’t he calls the Texas Hill Country home. In fact, that is where all his horses live!


Earlier this year, the singer got word of 70 horses who were about to be sent to the slaughterhouse and then the glue factory.

It’s a sad end for these majestic creatures. As a horse lover, Willie Nelson couldn’t bear to let it happen. He was able to save them just in time before they were sent to the slaughterhouse and glue factory to be used in a kindergarten project.

Habitat for Horses
Habitat for Horses

The rescued horses now live on the star’s 700-acre property known as the “Luck Ranch.” This property is about 30 miles outside of Austin, Texas. The ranch is adequately named. The rescued horses sure are lucky!

They were all rescued from a similarly bleak ending and now they have all the space they could dream of to roam and graze.

My horses are probably the luckiest horses in the world,” Nelson told ABC news. “They get hand-fed twice a day, and they were jst ready to go to slaughter is probably the last thing they remembered, so they’re happy horses.”

It’s no secret that Willie Nelson is an animal lover. He writes about them in a lot of his songs.

Nelson is now at the age where most people retire, but he still spends most of his time on the road.

Willie Nelson still spends about 200 days out of the year touring the country. When he isn’t on the road, he enjoys spending time on Luck Ranch with his horses. He really enjoys being reminded that he rescued these horses and that he has made a difference in the world.

He has been involved in philanthropic work for quite a while. In 1985, he started an organization known as Farm Aid which helps increase awareness for family farms. His first concert was at the University of Illinois’ Memorial Stadium where he raised over $9 million for U.S Family Farmers. And of course, he has saved countless horses from the slaughterhouse.

Still is still moving
Still is still moving

He has even involved himself in the legalities of the horse-slaughter issue. He has written to Congress in support of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.

”Contrary to what some people are saying, slaughter is not a humane form of euthanasia, and these are not unwanted horses. The treatment of slaughter-bound horses is most often inhumane, and more than 90 percent of those slaughtered are young and in good health. Many are sold to slaughterhouses at closed auctions, while others are stolen pets”, Wille wrote.

The man says he can still ride horses as well as he did in this youth.

This man is legendary. I really enjoy watching celebrities use their position of power to inspire positive change in the world.

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By Isabelle Voor
Isabelle Voor is a contributor at SBLY Media.