Waitress Makes A Racist Post About A Customer Online, And Instantly Regretted It
Justin Luke


A staple rule of posting online is never write something you can’t stand by. Seems a simple lesson many young people are still learning. Don’t overshare or post something you won’t want to defend the next day.

Fortunately, it appears a young, Alabama woman has become familiar with this lesson. All it cost her was her job.

Heather Tippet, the waitress, was fired from a Mobile, Alabama, restaurant after she allegedly made racist remarks on social media. The customers she targeted were alerted because the pictures and harassment went viral online.


Last Saturday at Montego’s Caribbean Café and Bar, a group of customers left the restaurant satisfied with their service. In an interview with Alabama’s WKRG, where they wished to remain anonymous:

“Dinner was great! Dinner was fine, she come up, she took our drinks, she took our food order. She came back, she delivered our food and that was basically it.”

Until the waitress posted a photo online of the receipts which appeared to show the customers didn’t leave a tip, something she attributed to their race. “This is why no one wants to wait on black people.”


One of the women from the group of customers said she started to receive messages on Facebook, alerting her to the viral picture. This upset her, as they insisted they did leave a cash tip on the table. She told WKRG:

“I was angry because it’s a racial thing and I felt like my name was being slandered. We did leave a tip. We left a cash tip so it really outraged me to actually experience racism one-on-one because I’ve never actually experienced racism one-on-one.”

Whether or not the tip was taken before waitress Heather Tippett got it is unknown, but her actions were called out for being despicable. She ended up not liking the attention and her Facebook page has been deactivated.

The customers contacted Montego’s corporate office, and the waitress was terminated from her position.

“I’m glad that they handled it the way they did,” one of the women said. “They were very courteous and they did get back to me as soon as possible about the situation and they did apologize deeply.”

Hopefully, Heather No-Tip never forgets this lesson.

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