Don’t toss old bed sheets in the trash. Here are 10 other nifty ways to use them at home

It’s always nice to freshen up your bedroom with brand new bed sheets. They provide a new, refreshing look! But what do you do with the old ones? For starters, do not toss them. Bed sheets have a lot longer lifeline than you may think.


Bed sheets can be repurposed and transformed in a number of ways that can be helpful all around the house. Here are a few ideas for you:

Cleaning Rags

You can cut an old bed sheet into squares that can be used as cleaning rags. It is always great to keep a bunch of cleaning rags around so that you can clean any mess up at home.

Kids Toy Storage

Whether your kids have stuffed animals, action figures, or toy cars, you can create a nice storage unit for them using old bed sheets. This can hang right next to your child’s bed for convenient storage and access.


Frost Protection

Gardeners can use an old bed sheet to cover their plants and crops during a light frost.


Adorable Rag Rugs

Old sheets can make a comfy rag rug that’s perfect for the home. This woven rag rug will let your feet feel cozy and warm. Find out how to make it by visiting Craft Passion.


Bed Sheet Pajamas

Bed sheets are naturally soft and comfortable, so keep that same feeling when you sleep by turning your old sheets into nighttime pajamas. Instructions can be found by visiting the Household How To Blog.


Bed Sheet Hammock

Every now and then, take a nap outside in the fresh air. It’s rejuvenating, and if you repurpose your old bed sheets, it will be just as comfortable as sleeping in your own bed. Visit Practical Primitive for instructions.


UV & Bug Stopper

If your baby likes to play outside, then place a bed sheet over the baby’s crib to protect it from the sun and bugs.



White bed sheets can be transformed into adorable curtains for your home. It’s easy to make and very cost-effective. Find out how to do this by visiting Homemade Ginger.


Beach Mat

Use an old bed sheet as a mat to use on the beach. This will give your family ample space to sit on, and it’s perfect for a family picnic on a beach.


Recycled Dog Toy

If you own a dog, then consider transforming your old bed sheets into a dog toy that your dog can chew on.


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