15 Ways To Upcycle Old Magazines

March 26th, 2018

We all love getting new magazines, but what do you do with the old ones? Throwing them out seems just wrong, but keeping them will only lead to a big stack of clutter.

Upcycling masters like Falesha Wojitysiak know your struggle, and they are here to help. “For some reason I find it hard to toss my old magazines,” Falesha shared with Recycle Nation. “At first I thought I may be taking my green obsession to another level. However, after finding so many creative purposes for them, I just decided I was being smart!”

She and other DIY masterminds have come up with dozens of great ways to upcycle old magazines. Here are 15 that you are simply going to love.

Decorate Your Vases

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gr3een Source: gr3een

We all have extra glass vases laying around – why not give them an upgrade? Cut your favorite words out of any magazine and use them to bring your old flower vase to life.

Decorative Bows

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How About Orange Source: How About Orange

You can add some serious flair to your room by putting up a few colorful bows. With the right technique you can turn any magazine page into a small masterpiece.

Recycled Paper Beads

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Bohemian Hellhole Source: Bohemian Hellhole

Now THIS is a great idea! Wrap strings of magazines around paper clips to form the beads, and then string them together. Come on, bring out your inner hippie with some environmentally friendly decorations.

Recycled Magazine Envelopes

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Hey Wanderer Source: Hey Wanderer

Post cards don’t usually come with envelopes, but you can make your own to give your friends and family something extra special. This super cute idea adds a personal touch to any message.

Wall Collage

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Tyner Construction Source: Tyner Construction

You are a growing individual with developing tastes, so you may as well document your inner thoughts. Cut out your favorite sayings, places, and celebrities and stick them on your wall for inspiration. The best part is that as you grow, you can always add more or replace old images.

Origami Bookmarks

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H and G Studios Source: H and G Studios

Good bookmarks are hard to find. But if you make one yourself, you are guaranteed to fall in love with it. You can even make them slightly different to signify different types of markings.

Ornate Lamp Bases

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Clark Miller Photography Source: Clark Miller Photography

Having a plain living room is a decoration nightmare. The best way to make sure your style is unique is to make it your own. Magazine clippings and a little glue will make all the difference in the world.

Frame A Masterpiece

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Jen Talbot Design Source: Jen Talbot Design

You can use cuttings from magazines to create just about any image imaginable. Piece them together to express your own take on modern art. You can even frame it and put it up on the wall.

Text Earrings

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Another Use Source: Another Use

Place your favorite bits of text behind upcycled dangling earrings for a stylish look straight out of a novel. You can carry your favorite messages wherever you go and show them off to the world.

Upcycled Magazine Bowl

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theSquib Source: theSquib

This is real. The DIY community is even giving your kitchenware an upgrade. These bowls are fun to make, and once you are done you will be able to use your awesome craft for years to come.

Christmas Wreath

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gr3een Source: gr3een

There are so many great wreath ideas out there, it seems almost impossible to find one that is entirely your own. Making your own upcycled magazine wreath, however, will help you make valuable memories while you give your home a unique decorative spin.

Rolled Gradient Wall Art

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World Inside Pictures Source: World Inside Pictures

Your wall art doesn’t have to stay in 2D. This amazing craft will give you a textured image that fits in with your home decor perfectly.

Rolled Pages Picture Frame

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Doodlecraft Source: Doodlecraft

A picture is worth a thousand words, and it holds memories that will last a lifetime. You can never have too many cute picture frames, so you may as well add this creative craft to your list.

Rolled Page Mirror

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Green Your Decor Source: Green Your Decor

Some people love to look in the mirror, and they deserve beautiful mirrors to look in. Give any looking glass an edgy style with this unique idea.

Woven Magazine Coasters

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Apartment Therapy Source: Apartment Therapy

You CANNOT leave cups on wooden surfaces without leaving pesky rings. This magazine coaster idea is perfect for a fun and easy way to keep guests from tarnishing your table.

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Source: Recycle Nation