Man finds dog alone at gas station, is shocked when he reads 'I am not lost' on dog's tag

February 24th, 2017

For Tyler Wilson in Louisville, Kentucky, the day was going to be like any other. Wake up, shower, eat breakfast, maybe get a few chores done. Generally speaking, mundane activities like these don’t result in new friendships or social media fame—but this day was a little different.

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Twitter / 502_Wilson Source: Twitter / 502_Wilson

Wilson drove up to the pump, got out and began going about the business of filling his car. Still, looking up from the pump he saw a dog wandering his way. Though the tags around the dog’s neck said his name was Dew, there was no identification number to go along with it. What there was, however, was a short message on the underside of the tag:

My name is Dew. I am not lost. I like to roam. Tell me to go home.

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Twitter / 502_Wilson Source: Twitter / 502_Wilson

Since the encounter struck Wilson as odd, he posted the picture on Twitter and Facebook where it, of course, went viral. Though Dew’s owners remain unknown, the story is pretty adorable on its own terms. And Dew himself is definitely a handsome little guy. Here he is striking a pose:

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Twitter / 502_Wilson Source: Twitter / 502_Wilson

Wilson did eventually tell Dew to go home and the two parted ways. Still, after seeing Dew become immensely popular online, his owners made him his own Twitter account to chronicle all his wandering ways. For those interested, this little guy can be found at @dewsadventures.

Though there may not seem to be too much to this story, it should appeal to animal lovers for a few reasons. For one thing, though many of us might love to have a dog, we might also hesitate because we wouldn’t feel comfortable letting it roam around. The fact that Dew’s owners appreciate this and have enough trust to let him explore is heartwarming in itself. For another, this is a pleasant reminder of just how much personality each individual animal has, a fact that can be lost when we think of them only as our pets.


Above all, though, Dew is adorable and will serve as a great distraction for anyone looking to put off their work with some serious cuteness.

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