Two women found out they were dating the same guy and dumped him before jumping on a plane together
Well, they definitely had a lot to talk about!
Elijah Chan

Being cheated on is one of the worst feelings in the world.

Two women shared this predicament and it all started with an anonymous message. Faith Bistline and her boyfriend were looking forward to their Costa Rica getaway. But in the days leading to the vacation, Bistline received a message that will change her life forever.

The stranger flat-out asked Bistline about her boyfriend and asked her if they were together. It was a strange question especially when Bistline and her boyfriend were going into the 19th month of their relationship.

The anonymous messenger then said that the man in Bistline’s photo was dating someone else.

He was, in fact, dating the messenger’s friend and they’d been together for 10 months. Just like most of us, Bistline was skeptical. This could be anyone claiming anything. Besides, they don’t have proof of infidelity.

To be fair to her partner, she also decided to talk to him instead. She then took a screenshot of the message and sent it to her boyfriend.

Then, Bistline received a message from another stranger.

The stranger introduced herself as Emely Ortiz. Ortiz claimed that she was also dating Bistline’s boyfriend. She said that the man-made her believe that they were exclusive.

In their conversations, they both found out that they were all in the medical field and were living in Las Vegas. Bistline, who was working as a nurse, began dating the man in April of last year. Ortiz, on the other hand, worked as a medical assistant. They started going out in October 2021.

Through an exchange of photos, they both knew that they were all telling the truth.

To make matters worse, the man didn’t explain himself and showed no remorse for what he has done. He just said that he has some explaining to do while ending his message with a half-laugh emoji.

Ortiz also had a conversation with the man and he also didn’t seem to take everything seriously. After hurting two people, he still thought of everything as a joke.

Both women dumped the guy.

However, Bistline’s Costa Rica trip is coming in fast. While her relationship fell apart, she still wanted to go through the trip she paid for.

She didn’t want to be alone, however, so she asked the last person anyone would expect. Bistline asked Ortiz to join her in Costa Rica.

It was a strange request but Ortiz and Bistline almost regretted missing an opportunity of a lifetime.

“Both of us girls were completely oblivious to this. I struggled with deciding if I should cancel my trip or not, but decided to go anyway. I went out on a limb and decided to invite the other girl, and much to my surprise she said ‘yes’!” Bistline shared this on her Facebook page.

She also said that they had the best time and were able to help each other process what happened, and eventually heal.

Their photos showed both of them swimming together and trying out attractions. At the end of the trip, Ortiz even surprised Bistline with a birthday surprise.

Stories often pit the people being cheated on against one another.

But this story just proves that most of the time, they are just victims of hurtful people and should be given a chance to reconcile things and help each other get through the shared pain.

At the end of the post, Bistline thanked Ortiz for trusting her enough to travel with her. And it was a well-deserved ending for a painful story – a hope for healing and a newfound friend.

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By Elijah Chan
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