Turtles Flock to Stranger Who Gives Them a Good Scrub

September 2nd, 2019

How often is it that you happen upon someone doing something not so charitable? We see people stealing, submitting to road rage, and other ungracious acts every day. So, whenever someone sees a stranger showing kindness towards another, it demands to be recorded!

Even if that stranger is a bunch of turtles! It all took place in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. When Nur Hafiza Ariffin saw someone playing with the turtles at the gardens, she surely thought something was amiss. We should leave them undisturbed. People have often been cause leaving rubber bands on these guys or even writing on their shells. That’s just no bueno.

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The good thing is, what Ariffin saw was far from cruelty. It should be said that Ariffin is always one to spread positivity, love, and charity. Her social media posts are always a light in the darkness.

“When your problems give you one hundred reasons to cry, your faith in Allah should give you one thousand reasons to smile,” she says. “A thankful attitude and a heart of praise will empower you to raise above any adversity you may face.”

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The former nurse and skincare specialist believes that kindness and charity are of upmost importance. So when she saw an older woman crouched on the banks of a pond in the park, she was more than curious to see what she was up to.

In front of the lady, dozens of turtles were coming from the water, actually seeking the lady’s attention. But why? Because she had a scrub brush! They were enjoying getting a good scrub bath from her. The woman was likely trying to get rid of the algae and other build-ups that the turtles were facing. Such a kind thing to do.

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“Spreading kindness in every way possible,” Arrifin wrote. “[The turtles] happily came towards her to get their backs cleaned, and once it was done they cutely walked off. Such a heartwarming sight.”

And no, this lady didn’t work for the park, she was simply doing what she thought was right. What a woman! And while some may say to leave the turtles alone, it is actually recommended to pet them with a brush because they just love having their little “homes” scrubbed down.

All Turtles even says, “To remove algae from the turtle, brush it with a SOFT brush (old toothbrush). It may take a bit of work to remove all the algae so be patient and gentle with your pet turtle.”

This woman really is a hero! We should all look at this act as an inspiration. From litter to animal suffering, let us be the light that all things (like these turtles) flock to when they feel the warmth coming from our hearts.

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Spreading kindness in every way possible.May Allah bless this beautiful aunty.I went to Botanical Gardens yesterday and saw this delightful sight, Aunty was happily scrubbing thick green algae off the backs of them cute terrapins.The terrapins happily came towards her to get their backs cleaned and once its done they cutely walked off. MasyaAllah such a heartwarming sight.Everyone needs a good back scrub once in a while, right!“Every act of kindness is charity.” ❤️A Beautiful qoute from our beautiful Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

Posted by Nur Hafiza Ariffin on Saturday, July 27, 2019

Source: Nur Hafiza Ariffin