Man Turns Garage Into A Home For Mother-In-Law
Martin Brown is so kind and creative. I don't think I would have done this for my in-laws!
Jonathan Maes

A garage probably isn’t exactly the first building you’d think of that would make a cozy home, but this dad certainly thought otherwise.

When Martin Brown’s son was born, his mother-in-law said that she’d like to live nearby so that she could come visit the little boy more often. She wanted to spend as much time with her grandson as possible.

Martin had a great idea. He decided to completely transform the family’s garage, make it extremely cozy, useful and perfectly suitable for someone to live in.

Mikon Haaksman
Mikon Haaksman

In less than six months time, Martin built a very warm home both from the inside and the outside, an extraordinary feat considering the place was once an old garage.

The house has been given a nice lick of paint, and even has its own sweep and plantation to give it a more private feeling.

The garage was built in 1922 but was luckily quite large with its 140 square feet. You could consider this as an ultimate DIY project, but Martin certainly succeeded in his plan. Planning the whole renovation took him well over a year, but the transformation itself only took half of that.

Mikon Haaksman
Mikon Haaksman

The new home uses the same concrete floor as the garage, but almost everything else is unrecognizable. The living area is fantastically done and features a warm atmosphere thanks to the large glass doors and skylights. Martin deliberately didn’t install any windows on the sides of the house, so that she’d always have privacy as the garage is located very closely to their home and the neighbors.

The upstairs area of the garage features a nifty reading space and a spacious bed, and the kitchen was also ingeniously designed to benefit from the skylights and save space, while not feeling too cramped. The house also features an entire bathroom and the sofa in the living room doubles as a bed for visitors.

Mikon Haaksman
Mikon Haaksman

It’s unbelievable how six months of time can transform a garage into a truly cool place to live. With a little bit of elbow grease, a vision, and some help, Martin was able to transform this cold looking garage into a beautiful and cozy home. Martin Brown is a DIY hero!

Well done, Martin. We are sure your mother-in-law will love the garage and that she is thankful that she will be able to spend so much time with her grandson.

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