Twin Born With Red Birthmark Is Life Threatened
When his parents first saw the birthmark, they didn't think too much of it. However, when it started to spread and impact his health, they didn't know what to do.
Jonathan Maes

Ethan and Ahren Masters were born almost eight years ago as adorable identical twins. A few days after birth, Ethan’s parents discovered a tiny red birthmark on Ethan’s face, but they didn’t think much of it at first.

When the birthmark started to spread, however, the parents got more and more concerned.

Quickly, Ethan’s whole face was covered in small red birthmarks and more spots kept coming and coming. Eventually, the birthmarks started to combine into one huge red spot across little Ethan’s face.

News Info, YouTube
News Info, YouTube

Not only did the birthmark start to look worse and more aggressive, it also effected the baby’s health. The constantly spreading birthmark was making its way into Ethan’s ear canal and affected his hearing.

Unfortunately, people on the street weren’t supportive of Ethan’s birthmark and especially his mom.

Harsh strangers called the baby a monster and some even said that Ethan’s mom was burning her baby’s face. Heartbreaking and cruel, but mom Amanda was more worried about Ethan’s health.

News Info, YouTube
News Info, YouTube

One day, Ethan had difficulties breathing – the birthmark was providing pressure on the air canal of Ethan which affected his breathing system and was effectively choking him. What started as a small spot on the face, now had turned into a very serious and potentially fatal condition.

When the parents went to a doctor to see what their options were, they could either perform a rather large and risky surgery, especially given Ethan’s age, to remove the birthmark. However, the doctor also had another idea that was a lot less invasive.

The doctor had learned about a new therapy with beta blockers that is usually given to people who have a blood pressure that’s too high, but it turns out their chemical substances could improve Ethan’s condition as well. Ethan’s parents decided to try this new treatment before they’d consider a surgery.

Miraculously, the blood pressure pills quickly made little Ethan much better.

As for the birthmark itself, it completely disappeared after just a few weeks of taking the pills. Ethen is now a completely normal healthy boy. We are sure his parents were so grateful that he was okay.

News Info, YouTube
News Info, YouTube

Almost eight years later, the twins Ethan and Ahren vastly enjoy spending their time together – and the threatening birthmark hasn’t been seen since.

We are so happy that the wonders of modern medicine were able to save Ethan, and we are excited for what the future has in store for this resilient set of twin brothers!

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