Texas Dog Rescuer

June 9th, 2017

We all know an animal lover who goes above and beyond to care for the animals around them. Some people adopt animals, others rescue them. What Judy Obregon does to prove her dedication to helping animals in need is absolutely extraordinary.

One of the first dogs she saved was abandoned by a ‘dumping ground.’

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When Judy saw him, she realized there was still time to save him, and she did just that.

“I was driving down the service road, and I spotted a stray,” Judy explained to “The stray led me to another dog that was injured.”

Judy spent her time gaining the dog’s trust and feeding it until she was eventually able to rescue it.

Judy cleaned the dog up and helped it get adopted into a loving home. Others watched as Judy dedicated her time to save the dog, and soon the air around her was buzzing with leads to more dogs who had been mistreated. That was the beginning of a lifelong, heart melting journey.

Watch below to see the state the dog was in.

But she didn’t stop there, and this Texan woman has now rescued over 300 stray dogs, proving that she has a heart made of solid gold.

“Other people…started coming up to me about other dogs that they’d seen,” Judy explained. As she became more and more well-known as a dog rescuer, Judy’s heart was moved to do more for the dogs. She started a rescue organization called “The Abandoned Ones Animal Rescue” that was dedicated to finding loving homes for rescued dogs.

Judy has rescued countless dogs, but one dog’s story stuck in her mind as particularly tragic.

Judy had saved a little dog named Benji and helped him find an adoptive family. Her heart melted years later as she learned that the family had given up Benji to a shelter.

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The Dodo Source: The Dodo

Judy couldn’t bear the thought of the little dog sitting miserably on a cold cement floor.

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The Dodo Source: The Dodo

“When I got there it was devastating,” Judy told the Dodo. Benji looked dejectedly at the floor, but his eyes widened when he heard Judy’s voice. Judy had originally rescued the stray as he was running alongside a busy highway. He’d had matted fur, worms, fleas, and ticks, but with Judy’s help, he transformed into a lovable young pup. Judy couldn’t imagine why his family had given him away.

With a little more love and care, Benji was back to his happy self as a part of a new foster family. Judy was relieved that the sweet pup was able to find a new home.

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The Dodo Source: The Dodo

Judy often finds dogs already dead, but these tragic sites provide her with even more determination to help as many dogs as possible.

“It’s not just about rescuing,” Judy believes. “It’s about educating people to avoid these circumstances. I don’t think I can stop until I make a change in the area or make a big impact.”

The world is much better off because of kind souls like Judy. Her commitment to rescuing dogs is an inspiration to animal lovers everywhere.

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