Teens find body in a suitcase after using an adventure app that’s popular among teens

June 29th, 2020

A group of Seattle teens thought they were going on a fun adventure using the create your own reality app Randonautica.

Instead, their adventure turned out to be more traumatizing than fun when they found a suitcase with a human body inside.

Their discovery was documented on the TikTok app which allows you to upload short videos.

Source: Ready or Randonaut

The teens were first guided to the location using Randonautica.

The app randomly selects coordinates to help you explore your own city.

The app says that you are able to create your own adventure with the app by selecting an intent in your own mind of how and what kind of adventure you like to have.

First, you use your location so that the app sets a radius for the local area you’re going to explore.

Then you decide if you want to visit an attractor, a spot with the highest concentration of quantum dots, a void, which has the least amount of quantum dots, or an anomaly.

Next, you set your intention for the trip and/or what you’d like to get out of it.

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For example, trying to get yourself out of a writer’s block or to see something beautiful like a rose.

The app then gives you a random set of coordinates to follow.

App users are encouraged to write about their adventure and post about it on the app once it’s over. You can learn more about how it works here.

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The app has become increasingly popular after app users, or Randonauts, have described the “spooky” experiences they had while Randonauting.

Some include seeing people who appear out of nowhere, crossing into different dimensions, or setting the intention for “death” and finding someone on the brink of it.

The app warns that you should go Randonauting with a “positive mindset.”

It’s totally possible the videos people post about Randonauting are exaggerated.

Including the one showing the teens finding the suitcase.

However, the TikTok video showing the teens finding the suitcase with the dead body shows a press release from the Seattle police department at the end which is real and can be found here. There are also several news stories confirming the discovery of the bodies.

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News reports on CNN and KOMO News, however, don’t mention the TikTok video or the teens who found the suitcase but a story on Indy100 does .

So, it’s unknown if the TikTok video was made after the police posted their press release.

Posted by Seattle Police Department onThursday, December 18, 2014

The TikTok video posted by @ughhenry shows the kids laughing as they approach some rocks near a pier at a beach.

They are commenting on how badly smelling the area is.

They see the suitcase and open it up revealing a stuffed black garbage bag inside.

The smell then becomes overwhelming and they suspect that it might be a dead body so they call the police.

The video ends with a glimpse of the Seattle police at the alleged crime scene and a screenshot of the press release.

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There are no details on what the kids were intending or what they selected for their trip.

According to FOX 8, police arrived at the scene and confirmed that human remains were found in a bag and that another bag with remains was also found in the water.

The incident is still under investigation.

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“It’s kind of shocking really to have something like this in the neighborhood,” Steve Szekely, who lives in the neighborhood, told the news outlet.

“There was a police boat and an inflatable boat and they had a hook and they took black plastic bags out,” said another neighbor, Steven Buty. “I saw them take two bags.”

One of Randonautica’s founders spoke to Inside Edition about this incident. Learn more about this story below.

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