15-year-old creates unbelievable animal drawings from memory

October 10th, 2019

Most children love to draw but very few create works of art like this fifteen year old.

At The Age of Eleven

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Dusan began to attract attention to his artistic talents of animal drawings back when he was eleven. However his passion for drawing began when he was two years old.

Passion For Pre-Historic Life

Many of Dusan Krtolica’s animal drawings come from memory after seeing data about pre-historic life particularly the animals. It all began when his parents bought him a book on animals.

Becoming Famous

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By the age of eleven he had already had three national exhibitions, two of which took place when he was eight.

Becoming One of the World’s Best Artists

This is a claim that was being made when Dusan was eleven now at fifteen he is still going strong.

Tools of the Trade

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Dusan only relies on pencils or black pens to create his works of art.

His Talent

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This young artistic is able to create art pieces from memory that are autonomically perfect. The details are shocking.

His Own Publication

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Dusan has created a published work comprised on a encyclopedia that is packed full of prehistoric animals.

Another Artistic Genius

Dusan is very talented and has been through his childhood, and he is not alone when it comes to childhood artists

Dusan is very talented and has been through his childhood, and he is not alone when it comes to childhood artists.

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Akiane Received A Message From God

For Akiane she believes that she received her direction to paint from God.

Akiane Kramarik Paints By Vision

Akiane receives her inspiration through visions. She has been doing this since she was nine years old.

God Is Akiane’s personal teacher.

Discovering How Special Akiane Is

Her Mother realized this by the time she was four years old. She was very spiritual but the family did not practice any specific religion.

The Prince of Peace

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Akiane’s most favored painting is the one she painted and called the Prince of Peace. She painted this when she was eight years old.

An Astounding Connection

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Akiane’s art is connected to Colton Burpo. Colton had a near death experience at the age of three which during it he visited heaven and met Jesus. When telling his story he said that Jesus didn’t look like any of the images that were created of him the books he had seen.

A movie was made about Colton’s experience called Heaven Is For Real. At the end of the movie Colton’s parents were looking on the internet and came across Akiane’s image of the Prince of Peace. Colton happened to see it and said “that’s him”. This was the Jesus that he saw in his visit to heaven.

There are many critics about Colton’s experience, but he stands by it.


Akiane gets up at four am each day and paints for five hours a day.

A Self Made Millionaire

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Thirteen Year Old Akiane And Her God Given Talent

Akiane firmly believes her success comes from what God has given her.

No matter where Dusan’s talent or Akiane’s comes from it is surely making the world a much better place to be.

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