9-year-old is diagnosed with ovarian cancer, in journey to recovery touches so many nationwide

October 10th, 2019

Kaylee began feeling pain in her side that she said would only last for 20 to 30 minutes

Kaylee’s Mom Becomes Concerned

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Mom took Kaylee to their pediatrician who didn’t like what she felt upon examination of Kaylee.

The doctor sent her to the emergency room. So they headed off to the Texas Children’s Hospital.

The Medical Workup

When Kaylee arrived, she was put through a variety of tests like bloodwork, ultrasound, and CT scan.

The Findings

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As a result of the testing, it was discovered that Kaylee had a mass, and the Doctors started talking about oncology.

Kaylee’s Take On What Was Happening

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Kaylee says after eleven hours of being poked and pronged, they diagnosed her with ovarian cancer. For Kaylee, she said for her it went in one ear and out the other.

A Tumor The Size of a Soft Ball

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Kaylee had a germ cell tumor that had grown to the size of a softball 10 cm on her ovary

Accepting The Horrific News

Kaylee’s parents did their best to keep it together after hearing the diagnosis. It was so difficult to accept because Kaylee had been ice skating that weekend with no issues.

The Healing Process

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Within a few days, Kaylee had under gone surgery, which resulted in the removal of her right ovary.

It Gets Worse

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Two weeks later the results of the biopsy came in revealing the cancer had spread to her abdominal lining.

Chemotherapy As the Next Course of Action

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It meant one week of chemo then two weeks at home, which was repeated four times. When the third round was coming up, Kaylee had had enough. Begging her Mom to get her out of the hospital, she just wanted to quit.

Mom Kept Encouraging Her

Telling Kaylee that they were almost there.

Finally Good News

The blood tests following the chemo indicated the treatment was a success, and Kaylee was cancer-free. Kaylee celebrated by dancing the “floss” while Mom shed tears of joy.

Ringing The Bell

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The staff of the hospital celebrated with Kaylee as she rang the bell.

Getting Back To Normal

Kaylee has resumed the lifestyle she deserves as a nine-year-old and is quite pleased that her hair is growing back in.

Kaylee’s Strength Carried Mom Through This Ordeal

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Kaylee persevered and did what she had to do to survive

Cancer Picked The Wrong Girl

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Kaylee wears a t-shirt that says it all.

The Scientific Facts

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According to NCBI: 1 to 2% of all cancer that takes place in children through the ages of 1 to 15 is gynecological.

Ovarian masses in childhood statistics show 2.6 cases per every 100,000 girls each year. Out of this 50 % are malignant, and 85% are germ cell tumors

75% of ovarian cancer is usually at stage two to stage four when diagnosed.

Germ cell tumors are usually diagnosed early because of the fast growth rate that the female child experiences. This cancer is usually in its clinical-stage when discovered.

Germ cell tumors usually affect the right sided ovary in girls under ten years of age.

It responds well to surgery.

Everyone’s hearts and well wishes go out to Kaylee, wishing her a bright and happy future.

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