Famous Stray Dog Named Bear Finally Finds A Home
Emma Smizer

In the small city of Hutto, Texas, a legendary stray dog has been making news for his ability to outsmart animal control, reaching celebrity-like status in the community.

For most animals, living on the streets is hard, especially when trying to find food to survive. Many of the lost animals eventually get taken in or picked up by animal control – but one dog is defying all of the odds.

Bear has been living on the streets of Hutto for over five years now, surviving thanks to a woman and her son, Irma and Alfonso Mendoza.

“It all started a couple of years ago when my mom found Bear by the block where we live,” said Alfonso. “This dog is pretty much a family member by now.”

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Irma Mendoza has been feeding Bear, even giving him a sheltered place to sleep and medicine when he’s sick.

However, she’s the only person who can get close enough to Bear. According to Hutto Animal Control, they have been trying to catch the mutt for years with no luck because Bear has figured out how to avoid dog traps.

People of the Hutto community believe that Bear was likely abandoned around 2010 after his owners moved away, leaving him behind. Soon after, Bear took up residence in an empty field and has been there ever since.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

“He’s a survivor, that for sure. He’s smart. He stays out of the way, stays out of the streets, avoids people, and you know, everyone has grown kind of fond of him,” said one Hutto neighbor about Bear’s place in the community.

Thankfully, Bear’s time alone has finally come to an end.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

One woman named Niroshini Glass, pictured above, has opened up her heart and door to Bear.

“If he’s been through all this and he’s still going strong, he’s not skin and bones thanks to her [Irma], then he deserves a home,” said Glass about her act of kindness.

Thanks to kind people like the Mendoza’s and Niroshini, one dog will finally be getting the loving home he so desperately needs. For the full story, check out the video below.

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