There's One Letter That Isn't Present In Any U.S. State Name - Do You Know What Letter It Is?
Take a guess without looking at the comments!
Cedric Jackson

Remember in school when you had to learn all 50 states and their locations on the map?

Some people loved it, some people hated it. It was a little confusing at times. So many of the states have weird names, and a lot of them are even similar. There are a lot of states to remember, and many people like to remember them with the state alphabet song.

If you aren’t familiar with the song, it is basically a listing of each state in alphabetical order.

Since it’s a song, it’s a little easier to remember. In fact, when someone is trying to remember what order the states are in alphabetically, they often recite the song in their head really quickly. The song is even taught to students in some classrooms.

It’s A Small Web
It’s A Small Web

As you are reciting all the states, you may be wondering if the states contain all the letters of the alphabet. Guess what? There’s only one that has been left out. Take a few minutes to guess what it is…

It’s the letter “Q.”

Nobody knows why the letter “Q” isn’t in the name of any states.

It probably wasn’t left out on purpose.


Still, there are a lot of weird state names, with a lot of unnecessary letters in them. A lot of silent letters could have been left out. Why couldn’t someone in charge of naming a state just put a “Q” in there, too?

We may never know the reasons for the lack of “Qs” in the state names, but at least now you have a little bit of trivia to impress your friends with. The next time you are around a group of pals, ask them what letter can’t be found in any state names and watch the guessing begin.

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