Siberian husky throws hilarious tantrum when mom won’t give him a bath

July 1st, 2020

Dogs vary in so many ways.

Some are big and tough, while others are small and yippy.

Some have long hair, while others have short, and some are multicolored, while some are solid.

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Adult Brown Gordon Setter and Pug

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The degrees to which they vary play into the many reasons why dogs are such amazing animals.

Because even when you take two dogs of the same species and put them in a room together, they will still act completely different.

It’s these unique characteristic differences that set dogs apart from other pets.

And for one dog, in particular, his characteristics would be hard to find in any other dog, same species or not.

Zeus the Siberian husky loves to take baths.

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He loves them so much that he’ll even lay down in the bathtub when there is no water in it.

Since dogs can’t talk, he does this in hopes that his owner will get the idea and turn on the water for him.

However, his owner knows what Zeus wants, she’s just not inclined to give him everything that he asks for all of the time.

So when his owner refuses to turn on the water for him, Zeus decides that he’s going to have to take his communicating to the next level.

He begins to cry and howl at his owner, begging her to turn on the faucet.

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When that doesn’t work, he puts his snout up higher in order to make the howl just that much closer to his owner’s ears.

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She offers to take him on a walk, something that I would imagine is a fair trade for a dog, but Zeus doesn’t budge.

He continues to howl and whine and cry until he finally sees that his attempts at getting a bath are all in vain.

When he finally gives in, after one more big howl attempt, he jumps out of the empty bathtub and joins his buddy for the promised walk that he is ready to receive.

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This video shows us one of the more adorable moments of dog ownership.

Although it may get a bit annoying to have to fight with your dog over something it doesn’t want to do, at least you get to watch something entertaining while you do it.

However, something tells me that this isn’t the first time that Zeus has thrown a stubborn tantrum like this.

According to Hills’s Pet, “[Siberian huskies] are intelligent but somewhat independent and stubborn.”

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And I’ve seen this stubbornness first-hand.

My aunt and uncle had two huskies when I was growing up and those dogs never listened to anyone.

They were constantly getting out of the house and running away, jumping up onto the counter and stealing food, and ignoring anyone who called them over.

For all of their flaws, however, they were really sweet dogs and when I was able to get one of them to come over to me, they would collapse down next to me if I found the right scratching spot.

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So if you’re thinking about getting a husky, maybe take this video as a word of precaution.

If that stubborn, bath-tantrum doesn’t bother you, then getting a husky might be the thing to do.

If it does, well, you may want to think about leaving the husky breed to a more patient owner.

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Source: Zeus The Stubborn Husky, Hills’s Pet