Shelter cat has crocheted ears after hers are removed – then she finds her forever home
Humane Society employee crocheted a pair of ears for a cat who had just had hers amputated!
Randy Aragon

Cats are adorable, the rise of technology and social media has made the mischievous animals one of the most talked-about animals on the planet. They go viral for all sorts of reasons, like this cat who made a buzz on the internet after she had her ears remove and a worker at the shelter crocheted her a new pair!

You can make this stuff up, her new ears are adorable!

Posted by Dane County Humane Society onTuesday, January 14, 2020

The precious stray cat Lady, had both of her ear flaps removed because of chronic infections and hematomas but one shelter worker had a unique surprise

When Lady arrived at Dane County Humane Society, she had quite the medical journey awaiting her. The poor cat had a severe chronic ear infection and hematomas had formed in both of her ears, the veterinarian has no choice but to remove both ear flaps.

Posted by Dane County Humane Society onTuesday, January 14, 2020

There’s a silver lining to all of this, now that Lady had the infections removed she can most likely hear better. Not only can the rescue cat hear better, but she also got an awesome set of new ears from DCHS worker, Ash collins.

Ash Collins went out of her way to crocheted a set of purple ears for Lady, the adorable headband fits her purrfect

After posting a picture of Lady and her new set of ears, the gorgeous cat was adopted the very next day. We’re more than certain that they amazing purple ears helped her to be adopted, not she’s adorable none-the-less. The ears are just a testament to the kindhearted DCHS staffs good nature.

Posted by Dane County Humane Society onWednesday, November 29, 2017

“Meet Lady in a Fur Coat, or Lady for short! This sweet gal has been on quite the medical journey since coming to us stray in December. Lady required her ear flaps to be removed due to chronic infection and hematomas. That hasn’t kept her, though, from giving some happy head bumps to everyone she meets! DCHS staff member Ash Collins crocheted her a lovely ear bonnet to keep this lady looking stylish! Come meet Lady in a Fur Coat today!” DCHS posted to Facebook before Lady was adopted.

*UPDATE FROM THE ADOPTION CENTER! Lady in a Fur Coat was just adopted!!*Meet Lady in a Fur Coat, or Lady for short!…

Posted by Dane County Humane Society onTuesday, January 14, 2020

People all over fell in love with Lady and her purple ears. Hundreds of Facebook users left comments of admiration

1.6k have already reacted to the cat and her awesome new ears, with many people leaving comments for the rescue animal.

“I love this cat!! She is so adorable. Poor little sweetheart has been through so much. Hope her new home gives her lots of hugs and kisses.” Said one Facebook user.

Facebook Screenshot
Facebook Screenshot

“Greetings from Michigan. My Mighty Mouse also had severe ear infections and hematomas. He had to have his right ear removed.” Said another Facebook user, also posting a picture of her cat with one ear missing.

Facebook Screenshot
Facebook Screenshot

What an amazing story and compassionate staff at DHCs. We’re elated that Lady in a fur coat was adopted so quickly, now she has a forever home and a new pair of forever ears thanks to Ash Collins!

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By Randy Aragon
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