Depressed cow misses therapy goat who disappeared – ‘overjoyed’ when she is found nearby

January 23rd, 2020

Bunter the cow was left depressed after the death of his cousin and best friend Rosie. Good thing that he found himself a new best friend but what if she goes missing?

This story is about friendship, burglary, and a very thorough police investigation that led to the rescue of Peaches the therapy goat.

Bunter and Peaches

In a paddock next to Maungaturoto Historic Inn, there were two best friends. Bunter the cow always had his cousin and best friend Rosie with him. Unfortunately, last year, Rosie died.

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Not the actual photo / Christian Moller Source: Not the actual photo / Christian Moller

“After Rosie passed away Bunter got really depressed and we heard that goats were good therapy, and there was a lady who was willing to gift Peaches to us,” said Joe Robin to his interview with NewsHub.

That was the first time that Bunter became happy again.

“As soon as Peaches arrived in the paddock, Bunter was a different cow, running around everywhere,” Robin continued.

Bunter the cow was lively again. In fact, he started eating again; everything was back to normal until one night Peaches disappeared.

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Maungaturoto - Heart of the Kaipara Source: Maungaturoto - Heart of the Kaipara

The case of the stolen goat

“On Saturday morning I had a phone call to say someone had stolen Peaches and had cut the fence,” Joe Robin recalls.

It was apparent that someone stole Peaches. It was a sad news but the one who was most affected was Bunter. He lost 2 of his best friends – he stopped eating again.

Maungaturoto – Heart of the Kaipara Facebook page posted that they are offering a reward of “dinner for two” at the Maungaturoto Hotel for the safe return of Peaches.

Solving the mystery

While everyone in their community was looking for Peaches, Joe Robin and his wife tried to find her too. One day, they saw a goat standing apart from his herd. The goat was just on a nearby property, it didn’t look like it belonged there. In fact, it looked a little bit worried.

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Not the actual photo / Sergiu Vălenaș Source: Not the actual photo / Sergiu Vălenaș

The goat that they saw had the same white fur as Peaches. They had a strong feeling that it was their missing goat.

The local Northland Police wanted to help as well. The police started investigating what happened.

It turned out that Joe Robin’s suspicions were true. The goat that they saw was indeed peaches. The owners of the property where they found Peaches told the police that they actually purchased the goat in the market. No case was filed.

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fotografierende Source: fotografierende

They peacefully gave Peaches to the authorities and the rescued goat was escorted by the Northland official police to her home.

In their Facebook post, they said:

“Police didn’t kid around and goat hold of CCTV footage and spoke with a number of people. As a result of this work, Peaches was located at a nearby property and was returned just before Christmas, to much delight! 👮‍♂️”

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Northland Police Source: Northland Police

Yey! Peaches was safely returned home and was reunited with Bunter the cow. Joe Robin said that Bunter was thrilled to see his best buddy Peaches!

We’re all happy to see Bunter and Peaches reunited. The case of the missing goat has now been solved.

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Source: Maungaturoto – Heart of the Kaipara, Northland Police, NewsHub