Retired service horse helped reunited with former solider

October 8th, 2019

Horse and Rider are reunited several years later

Going Back Fifteen Years

Ezphia Rennock goes back fifteen years to recall the story of how he met a horse called Agricola, which was a service horse.

Ezphia became a member of the British Army Household Cavalry and was assigned to the Blues and Royals. As such, the horse assigned to him was Agricola.

Agricola (means Agriculture in Latin)

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Also known as a trouble maker as this was a horse that was not handled easily. He was new to the troops and would make it a habit of throwing off many who had mounted him. However, this was not a problem for Ezphia. It wasn’t long before the two formed a bond.

A Big Change For A Seventeen Year Old

Joining the British Army was a big transition for Ezphia, who was only seventeen at the time. He is a horse lover in general but immediately determined that Agricola was special. Agricola was about seven years old at that time.

The Parting

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Ezphia remained in the Royal Guard until 2007.

Retirement meant that he would no longer be with Agricola. He hoped that the day would come that he could fulfill a promise that he made to the horse.

The Promise

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The promise Ezphia made to Agricola was that one day he would return after retirement and would adopt him. This would only come to pass, however, when they were both ready to give up their service. This was a promise that was repeated every day.

Agricola’s Retirement Day

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After a decade had passed and Ezphia’s patient wait news came that Agricola was about to be retired.

The Process

When a service horse from the British army is retired, bids are received from potential owners who wish to adopt the horses.

Stepping It Up A Notch

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Ezphia was concerned he would not have the best bid, so he took it a step further.

Along with sending in his bid, he included some information about the past that he had concerning his time with Agricola and why he would be suited for the horse.

The Phone Call

It wasn’t long before Ezphia received the much anticipated phone call to come and pick the horse up. Even though he was not the highest bidder.

The Reunion

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Keeping in mind that it was over ten years since this horse and rider had been together, what was to be expected? Any reservations about this were quickly dispelled as the horse recognized him immediately.

Pay Back

Ezphia was so happy to be reunited with this horse that he went to Facebook to announce the news. His posting said, “This horse helped me through tough loney times away from home as a young man. Today I pay him back”.

Horsey Retirement

His new owner now rents out a stable at the Queen’s Stables to house Agricola. He receives a daily visit from Ezphia.

An Additional Visitor

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Ezphia now has a daughter who he takes along with him to visit Agricola. Needless to say, the little one like her father has fallen deeply in love with the horse.

Never Under Estimate the Bond Between Animal and Owner

All too often, it is thought that only dogs or cats can form a bond with their owner. The story of Ezphia and Agricola are a living testament that this is definitely not the case.

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