40 Cats and Kittens Rescue From Terrible Hoarding Situation

January 15th, 2018

Animal abuse is not just defined as something hitting their pet.

Sadly, animal abuse can occur in many terrifying ways. Leaving your pet unattended for over a 24-hour period, without anyone to feed them or take them out to relieve themselves, is animal abuse.

Sometimes, things happen that are out of an owner’s control. While we shouldn’t shame people that we don’t know the situations of, it is hard to find any real excuse for severe animal neglect.

Animal neglect is not taking your pet to the vet to get their annual shots and check up, letting them get filthy, not feeding them, etc. These horrendous acts show that your pet’s health and wellbeing are not being considered.

One hoarding situation got so bad, 40 cats and kittens were put in danger.

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In a Northern Illinois home, a group was given a tip that there was a bad hoarding situation that had been ongoing quite some time.

Apparently, this unnamed owner had been bringing cats into their home so often, they wound up with 40 cats and kittens inside of their house.

But things must have gotten even more out of control, as the owner then abandoned the cats. The folks over at Cole and Marmalade got word of the situation, writing on YouTube:

We’ll never know the full story, but the landlord said these cats had been abandoned by their owner 8 months ago … We feel that this situation had been going on for much longer, I’m just glad we were notified and managed to pull off this rescue and get the cats and kittens help!

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The cats and kittens were found in deplorable conditions. All of the cats were covered in fleas and were absolutely filthy.

Even though they were in a bad spot, the cats were terrified when their rescuers first came in. Each of them tried their best to keep safe by hiding.

Anyone who lives with a cat knows that when a cat feels scared, the first thing they will do is hide. Cats and kittens are excellent at hiding and if they don’t want to be found, it will be very hard to locate them.

The rescuers knew that they could “set traps for weeks, but they still may never find all of the cats inside. So they had to do it all at once.”

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Using nets, cat carriers, and experience with cats, these rescuers were able to get every cat and kitten to safety. They had lots of flea and tick treatment ready for each cat too, once they’d be rescued.

You can help fundraise for those involved in helping these pets at Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc. by donating here.

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Please be warned, some of the images in the video show signs of severe animal neglect.

Source: YouTube