Rescue Dog Gives Birth On The Way To Her New Home

June 5th, 2019

This couple was on vacation to Georgia when they decided to that they wanted to leave with more than just a few souvenirs. As Rebecca Lynch and her husband were wrapping up their last few days in Savannah, Georgia, she decided that she was going to bring something home a little more meaningful. “I know that Georgia has a lot of rural high-kill shelter and I knew that I wanted to save the neediest dog from a shelter before I went home. I had space in my car and wanted to help.” Lynch said in an interview with the Dodo.

Through a friend, Lynch learned that there was a needy little terrier nearby at a shelter at risk for euthanasia. She learned that someone had simply dumped the poor pregnant dog named Lizzy at the shelter in hopes that she would find a home. Not only was poor Lizzy terrified and pregnant, she also had a broken leg. Lynch knew that she couldn’t let this little terrier suffer any longer.

The couple had a long drive back to Florida and wanted to do everything that they could to make Lizzy comfortable. It was clear that the dog was stressed and didn’t know what was going on. In an attempt to make the ride more comfortable, they purchased a bed and a blanket for the backseat. Then Lynch joined her in the back, petting her and comforting her as her husband drove. “I knew she was nervous and scared but I just wanted to comfort her on the ride. But they may have made the mistake of making Lizzy a little too comfortable.

The couple may have made Lizzy a little too comfortable because a little ways into the ride, something happened.

According to Lynch, about an hour into the ride, Lizzy nuzzled her head into Lynch’s hand and once she felt safe, she decided it was time to go into labor. “She started panting and she got restless; I told my husband ‘I think she’s going into labor.'” With Lynch acting as a midwife, Lizzy gave birth to her first puppy after just 20 minutes. And by the time that they arrived at a vet she had birthed two more puppies, but it didn’t stop there.

“Lizzy had another puppy at the vet, then two more on the car ride home. It was quite the experience and Lizzy was such an awesome little mommy.” After such an eventful ride, Lizzy and her six puppies will spend a few more days at the vet before going to her forever home at the Lynch’s house and her puppies will be fostered there until they too find their forever homes.

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