25 photos of women putting their worst face forward

June 4th, 2021

Are you ever trying to take a picture of something only to realize that the camera is flipped to selfie mode? Your mind instantly goes from “Hey, I’m looking kind of cute today” to “Oh, just kidding. I look like I got hit by a truck.” In a society where you’re always to supposed to resemble a real-life doll, there’s nothing worse than the camera catching you off guard.

But there’s one subreddit completely devoted to the fight against today’s crazy beauty standards, so much so that hundreds of women from around the world have uploaded themselves making the “ugliest” faces possible.

We’ve chosen 25 of the best uploads for your viewing pleasure:

1) She’s Beauty, She’s Grace, She’s Got Hair All Over Her Face

I recall braiding my Barbie dolls’ hair around their heads a time or two. Who knew that this look could work for living, breathing humans, as well? Honestly, this girl still looks good, even with her silly hair.

2) Who Needs Duck Lips When You Can Have a Duck Mouth?

Haven’t you heard? Duck lips are SO last year! To stay on top of the hottest filler trends, opt for a duckbill instead. You’ll be able to eat all sorts of fish with that thing.

3) Who Said Girls Need to Look Hot After a Sweat Sesh?

It’s time we normalize bare faces during a workout. There’s nothing worse than hitting the gym only to come out looking like a raccoon from running mascara. Although raccoons are adorable, it’s usually not the look us girls are trying to achieve.

4) Her Poor Father Probably Had No Clue What He Was Witnessing

At least he’s used to women in their natural habitats. She may look a tad silly in this shot, but she’s still his little princess. We can’t help but wonder how his reaction was to all of this.

5) That Post-Exam Glow

Girls who show up to exams in full-makeup are real-life wizards. Although we want to show up looking our best, the all-nighters and 15 coffees don’t always allow for it. This girl is our idol because let’s face it – most of us are arriving at our finals already stressed to the max.

6) A Beautiful Platypus

This girl went all out for her photo. She was able to work the camera angles to gift us all with this hilarious portrait, but even when trying to look her worst, she still looks adorable. One thing’s for sure, she’s giving us all a good chuckle.

7) Okay, But That’s Not an Easy Expression to Achieve

This girl is a true talent. Getting your mouth in that shape cannot be an easy feat. She probably got a full-on face workout with that one.

8) Her Coworker Couldn’t Recognize Her

The two looks are not the same. Glasses have been known to completely change one’s appearance, but her complexion is flawless! Her skin is glowing in both pictures! Can the rest of us get in on her skincare secrets, too?

9) Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

This girl nailed her photo challenge. She may be resembling a chicken wing, but she’s still killing the game. This is proof enough that camera angle and lighting can make even the most attractive girls look a bit less angelic.

10) She’s Concave

Even with her face retracting into her head, she still looks great. It’s a shame we can’t all achieve that look. She’s got some serious skill to pull that off.

11) What’cha Doing There?

The selfie on the left is the one she sends to her friends. The selfie on the right, however, is reserved for her partners in crime. You can always base someone’s comfort level with you completely on the level of silliness in the photos they send you.

12) The Troll Look is Back In

Mrs. Bean, is that you? This girl deserves to become her very own meme. With her red hair and mischievous gaze, she’s sure to haunt your dreams for all of eternity.

13) If “o.0” Was a Person

I’m worried one of her eyeballs may pop right out. We don’t know whether to be scared or amused. She’s managing to look like an evil clown and beauty queen all at once.

14) Thumbs Up

This girl was trying her best to resemble a real-life thumb. Well, it’s safe to say that she absolutely nailed it. If my thumbs had eyeballs they would look exactly like that.

15) 50 Years Younger

We’re not entirely sure how this is even possible, but this girl was able to take selfies making her look decades apart in age. Although the glasses may be part of the reason, they’re not the sole source of the discrepancy. At any age, though, she’s still beautiful!

16) Release Your Chinhibitions

Two photos weren’t enough. Instead, we get an entire collage showcasing her variety of chins. We get to see her zombie face, stunned face, and I may murder you in your sleep face.

17) Googly Eyes

Her post is absolutely chintastic! It looks like she stuck on some eyes, lashes, and teeth to her big toe. Jokes on her, though, she still looks great.

18) Friday Night v. Saturday Morning

The first picture is what we all hope to look like while pulling up to the club. The second picture, however, is a much more honest representation of the morning after. One’s living her best life while the other is living in regret.

19) 2020: The Worst Time to Need to Sneeze

2020 was a rough year for anyone with allergies… The real question is, how does someone get so many selfies while sneezing? Being able to sneeze and capture a decent picture is nothing short of Olympic-level.

20) If Alvin and Pennywise Had a Child…

Even when doing her best scary face, she’s still looking fabulous. She looks like a shoo-in for most Hollywood horror films. She goes from cute and innocent to crazy clown murderer in a matter of seconds.

21) That Post-Wisdom Teeth Extraction Glow

Hopefully, she’s got some decent painkillers because this poor girl has got some serious swelling. Luckily for her, she has an excuse to eat copious amounts of ice cream. It’s not all bad, right?

22)Watch Out Because She May Steal Your Heart

The second picture has her figuratively stealing hearts, but that first picture is something else entirely. With that look on her face, she may literally pluck out a heart or two. If you come across her, it may be a good idea to keep your distance because you never know which look will surface.

23) This Wasn’t Even Staged

Girls thoroughly enjoying their food while out in public? You know we love to see it. Someone get her an extra order of fries and wings because she’s having herself a time.

24) We Gonna Party Like It’s Your Birthday

In the first picture she’s an absolute queen, but that second picture? She’s still an absolute queen. This girl is royalty, so she deserves a celebration every day.

25) When You’ve Got the Apocalypse at 5 but Clubbing at 6

She transforms from a swamp demon to the cute girl-next-door in a matter of seconds. For whoever steals her heart, you’re one lucky duck. Although she’s beautiful, she can also keep you alive during a potential zombie apocalypse.

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Source: PrettyGirlsUglyFaces – Reddit, Huffington Post