Hero Pit Bull Saves Baby Having A Seizure

May 15th, 2019

As far as dog breeds go, pit bulls are one of the most popular choices that exist. People love them! Unfortunately, most stories about the tough-looking breed center around the sometimes aggressive nature of pit bulls, often leaving out all the other details that showcase what makes them so great.

Despite what you may hear in the news about crazy pit bull pups and guard dogs gone wild, most pit bulls are in fact, friendly, loyal, intelligent, and reserved. Some even have other unique talents that prove they are a breed that should be cherished and celebrated.

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According to a story from Fox News, one Tulsa, Oklahoma pit bull has actually started rescuing people having seizures!

The dog’s name is Brutus, and Brutus is no killer. In fact, he is the complete opposite. After saving a baby that was having a seizure, Brutus the pit bull is now being hailed a hero.

Melody Parkins first found Brutus scared and alone behind a fence in her neighborhood several years ago.

She was working for the organization Unchain OK and was responding to a call about the wild dog. The pup was super stressed out, abandoned, and had basically been left to die.

“He was real growly, and barky, and scared. You could just see it in his face,” Melody said.

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Melody decided to take action and rescue the poor animal.

Her and the volunteers at Unchain fed him, took care of him, and showed him lots of love. Melody was just doing what she thought was right. At the time, she had no idea that one day the pup would go on to become a hero himself too.

Over the course of the next year and a half, Melody and the members of Unchain worked to socialize the dog, spending several hours a day on his training in the process.

They noticed that Brutus was responding really well to commands.

“At about six months, we had that feeling, that this dog has got something special,” one member of the organization said.

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The end goal was to get Brutus ready for adoption, and eventually, a miracle happened.

A loving woman named Amber adopted Brutus and brought him into her home. Little did she know that less than a week later, Brutus would go on to save her two-year-old son Jason’s life.

Amber was sleeping when Brutus came running over and started nudging her in the face in an attempt to wake her up. After she realized what was happening, Brutus immediately took her over to little Jason.

“Whenever I looked over at my baby, my baby was convulsing and having a seizure,” Amber said.

Thanks to Brutus’s quick reaction, Amber was able to call 911 and get help, thus saving the infant’s life.

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They soon learned that Jason had a seizure disorder and it was going to be an ongoing issue.

Luckily, they discovered that Brutus is miraculously able to sense when one is going to hit.

“Four weeks ago he had another seizure. Brutus went into the bedroom, grabbed him by his shirt collar, pulled him up, and started barking until we got there to him,” Amber said.

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The dog is a total hero.

And to think, Brutus is able to do all of this without any special training. It just goes to show you how intelligent the breed really is. Pit bulls really are absolutely amazing!

If it wasn’t for Brutus, it is entirely possible that young Jason may no longer be alive. The dog’s quick response and instincts saved the day on multiple occasions, and now, the family knows that they can rely on the pup to always be there when they need him.

Watch the full video of the Fox News story of Brutus the pit bull below.

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Source: FOX23 News Tulsa