How To Make A Perfect Bow By Using A Fork

November 13th, 2015

With the holiday season approaching, we’re probably already thinking about the gifts we’re going to give our loved ones. I don’t know about you, but the most difficult part of gift giving for me isn’t picking what gift to buy. No, the most difficult part for me is wrapping the gift.

It’s so hard to wrap the gift in a way that shows you spent time on it. With this tutorial on how to make a perfect ribbon just by using a fork, you may have discovered the perfect way to spice up your gift wrapping skills for the holiday season.

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Grab any fork (with long spokes!) and your desired ribbon.


Weave the ribbon through the fork.


Make sure to weave back and forth.

bow-fork-step-2 bow-fork-step-3

Watch this animation if you’re confused.


Now get a second ribbon into position in the middle of the fork.


Proceed to tie it up!


Look at how perfect and beautiful it looks!

bow-fork-step-7 bow-fork-step-8 bow-fork-step-9

[Source: Handimania]

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