Pepsi's Newest Product Has People Gagging And Laughing
Justin Luke


Have you ever wondered what a cinnamon-flavored Pepsi product would taste like?

If you answered “yes,” then Pepsi has your answer.

Introducing Pepsi Fire:

For a limited-time only, Pepsi Fire will be hitting shelves and taste buds all over America, starting May 22nd.

The eight-week summer stint has people buzzing. But not everyone is on board with the new flavor.

Some reactions were downright negative:

7-Eleven stores are even offering Pepsi Fire in Slurpee form:

Oh, and did I forget to mention the other Pepsi flavor being unleashed this summer?

That’s right folks. Pepsi Ice, a mint-flavored version of the popular cola, is also being unleashed.

So whether you want to “turn up the heat,” or “chill” poolside all summer long, Pepsi has got you covered.

Happy drinking, everyone.

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By Justin Luke
Justin Luke is a contributor at SBLY Media.