People Want To Marry Punk Rocker After Transformation
It is sad that people often judge you purely based on your appearance. The way people viewed this punk rocker before and after her transformation says a lot about how society judges people. What do you think about this?
Cedric Jackson

If you were to see 28-year-old Mel on the street, you would likely be intimidated. On a normal day, she takes the appearance of a stereotypical punk rocker to the extreme.

According to Mel, her favorite parts of her appearance are the leather, the tattoos, and the studs. During her appearance on “Snog, Marry, Avoid,” Mel described part of her style as

“If it’s not ripped, rip it, and dye your hair the brightest colors ever.”

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

While Mel loves her style, her parents don’t appreciate it. Her mom described the way “some people look at her as if she’s scum” and said she even sometimes feels ashamed of her daughter. Even Mel’s friend, Jordan, thinks:

“She’s gone way too far on the piercings. Too many piercings in the face.”

Based on the number of piercings we can see at 0:31, it isn’t hard to agree with Jordan. Mel doesn’t seem to care what anyone thinks. She has embraced being intimidating and hard to approach. As Mel put it:

“I’m never scary, just misunderstood.”

But that all changed when Mel appeared on “Snog, Marry, Avoid”

As always, this show began by giving Mel a “deep cleanse.” Then, they completely restyled her, with a blonde haircut and stylish, “everyday” clothes more similar to those worn by the general public.

The results, seen at 1:22 are a complete 180. In Mel’s own words:

“I’ve never seen myself like this before. It’s like someone else is in the mirror. I feel like a lady.”

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Mel even admitted to liking the dress and hair and feeling sexy.

With Mel’s amazing transformation, the attitudes to her changed as well.

Before her transformation, the general public was too afraid to approach Mel, consistently rating her as “Avoid.” After her completely new look, however, the responses quickly changed to “Snog” or even “Marry,” with 70 percent going with the first option and 30 percent the latter.

It wasn’t just strangers that were impressed by Mel’s new look. Her friends and family also loved it.

Based on her mom’s teary-eyed reaction in the reveal video, it’s safe to say that Mel’s parents strongly approve of her new look. Even her dad had to dry his eyes when he saw this transformation!

Her parents were very impressed by the change, with her mom telling Mel, “I told you you were beautiful” and confirming that she wants her to keep up the appearance. Mel’s mom was truly excited, agreeing with the host that she felt like she had her daughter back.

So, did Mel’s parents get her wish?

She did indeed keep up her new look – for a while.

During her interview in the “Snog, Marry, Avoid” follow-up, Mel was still sporting the new hair and a pretty summer dress, but the piercings were back. As she put it:

“I couldn’t live without them. I’d like to be girly, and then, you know, also punk.”

At the time, Mel said that the experience has taught her to “tone it down a bit.” She realized that she can enjoy her punk style or a girly fashion sense – or both.

Several months later, however, Mel revealed that her thoughts about her girlier fashion sense had changed. In an interview with the MailOnline, Mel explained that she reverted to her punk style:

“I just thought it was more comfortable. I didn’t feel comfortable or myself on the show.”


She went on to tell the news site:

“I liked the look, but I felt I looked like my mother. I really liked the dress but I just felt so uncomfortable.”

Mel doesn’t need to worry about whether strangers would Snog, Marry, or Avoid her anymore.

As of the time of her MailOnline interview, she was engaged and planning her wedding for the near future — including plans to sport a colored Mohawk that matches her bridesmaids’ dresses.

Today, Mel enjoys creating whimsical art, which she shares on Instagram, and happily continues her punk style.

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